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"Look! There's Toby the Tram Engine! He'll know the way from here!"
— Stephen Hatt

Toby to the Rescue! is a magazine story, illustrated using photographs from the television series.


It is the school holidays on Sodor and the Fat Controller is taking Bridget and Stephen to the beach. Half an hour later, the trio still had not arrived at the beach. Suddenly, Stephen spots Toby the Tram Engine, who invites them to jump on board; he knows the way to the beach! At five o'clock, Toby returns to pick up the Fat Controller and his grandchildren, who had made a sandcastle, but still do not want to leave. The Fat Controller promises to bring them back again soon, but next time, he'll be sure to know the way, first!



  • Although it is not directly based upon any episode from the television series, all of the photographs are taken from the fifth season episode Toby's Discovery.

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