This article is about 'the 2013 magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the 2002 magazine story'.
“Don't look at me, I only do rescues on water!”

Toby to the Rescue is a magazine story.


Toby is visiting his friends at the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre. When he arrives, everyone is sharing stories about exciting rescues. Harold recalls the time he rescued Bertie from the Shake Shake Bridge and Belle and Flynn remember when they rescued Thomas from some diesels. Toby wishes he could be a hero just like his friends.

Just then, Butch drives up and tells them all about a cow on the line that needs to get back to its field before it causes delays. The entire rescue team, besides Captain, decide to go and Toby tags along too.

Once there, they realise that Belle and Flynn cannot help; they are best at putting out fires. Butch tries to help the cow, but everytime he gets close, the cow walks further along the tracks. Rocky suggests that he can lift the cow, but Toby tells him that he will not be able to get close enough. Harold flies towards the cow, but is so noisy that the cow wanders further down the line and into a tunnel. Toby asks if he can try. Since the rescue team are all out of options, they agree to let Toby have a go. Toby instructs Butch to drive to the other end of the tunnel and stop on the tracks. Then, Toby moves quietly into the tunnel until he meets the cow. Using his cowcatchers, Toby slowly and safely pushes the cow out of the tunnel. When the cow reaches the end of the tunnel, Butch has blocked its way so it wanders off into a field to join its friends. Butch congratulates Toby on his good thinking. Toby blushes. He feels like a real hero.