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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the Slovenian DVD.
"The dam's breaking up! We must warn everyone!"
— Toby's driver

Toby and the Flood is the tenth episode of the fifth season.


During many days of rain, Toby is asked to investigate a dam during rainy weather, and discovers it is about to burst its banks. Toby hurries to get to higher ground, but the bridge he is on is swept away after the dam collapses. Harold drops a rope to be tied to Toby's bufferbeam and gives the other end to Percy. Toby is saved and when the flood subsides and the dam mended, a party is held in Toby's honour.




  • Edited stock footage from Gallant Old Engine is used.
  • Inspiration for this episode might have come from the Elan Valley Railway in Wales, which had a section of railway line running along the front of a dam that was under construction.
  • The footage of Percy racing after Toby is sped up.


  • Toby's driver is grinning when he says "It's our only chance!"
  • Harold is smiling when he follows Toby.
  • In two scenes, Toby's driver has a different model.
  • Trevor is sleeping at the party.
  • When the narrator says "As Toby floated helplessly on the flood waters..." you can see that Toby is still just floating away from the broken bridge.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Toby y la Inundación Toby and the Flood
French Toby et le Inondation Toby and the Flood
Portuguese A Inundação The Flood
Dutch Toby en de Overstroming Toby and the Flood
German Toby und die Flut Toby and the Flood
Danish Toby og Oversvømmelsen Toby and the Flood
Norwegian Toby og Oversvømmelsen Toby and the Flood
Swedish Översvämningen The Flood
Italian Toby e L'alluvione Toby and the Flood
Hungarian Toby és az Árvíz Toby and the Flood
Catalan Toby i el Inundació Toby and the Flood
Romanian Toby şi Inundaţia Toby and the Flooding
Slovenian Tobi in Poplava Toby and the Flood
Slovak Toby a Povodeň Toby and the Floods
Polish Tobik i Powódż Toby and the Success
Chinese 托比和洪水 Toby and the Floods
Japanese ながされたトビー Toby Drifted Out
Korean 마을을 구한 토비 Toby Saved the Town
Russian Тоби и наводнение Toby and the Flood
Greek Ο Τόμπί και ο Κατακλυσμός Toby and the Flood
Thai เขื่อนพังโทบี้เกือบแย่ Toby Helped Collapsed that Almost Worse

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