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This article is about 'the episode'. You may be looking for 'the learning segment'.
“Now you have the smartest shed on Sodor, Toby. It's much better than your old roof and it hasn't got any holes!"
"But I liked my old roof with holes. Little birds flew in the holes to make their nests. My shed was their home too.”
―Thomas and Toby

Toby's New Shed is the twelfth episode of the tenth season.


One blustery morning, Thomas takes some trucks to Arlesdale End when he sees Toby coming out of his shed. Thomas is surprised to see that he was all wet. Once Toby leaves, Thomas looks inside his shed and sees the roof of the shed had holes. Thomas goes to Knapford to tell the Fat Controller about Toby's shed and he agrees that Toby's roof must be repaired. Toby arrives to pick up some passengers. Thomas tells Toby the news, but Toby is worried and leaves after all his passengers boarded Henrietta.

Later, Thomas picks up some workmen from Maithwaite and takes them to Toby's shed as they start to take it apart. At a junction, Thomas meets Percy who was delivering a bird house to Farmer McColl for his doves. Thomas tells Percy about helping to build a new roof for Toby's shed, which Percy suggests that Toby will be very happy, but Thomas says he did not look happy when he told him. Percy thinks that Toby likes his old roof.

Later, Thomas picks up some lumber for the roof and sets off for Toby's shed. On the way, he meets up with Toby and shows him the lumber. Toby wanted to tell Thomas something, but Thomas already left. When the roof is repaired, Thomas was proud of it, but Toby does not seem happy. Toby tells Thomas that he was sad because he liked listening to the birds that roosted in the old shed's roof to make their nest and that it was also their home too. Toby puffs sadly into his shed.

Thomas had never felt so miserable, until he saw the house that Percy delivered to Farmer McColl's Farm for his doves which gave him an idea. He went back to the lumber yard and told the workmen to build a bird house out of the old lumber. Thomas delivers the new bird house to Toby's shed and it makes the two engines very happy.




  • A LEGO piece used as a wire coil is visible.


  • When Thomas talks to Toby, his face is loose.
  • The birdhouse Percy takes to Farmer McColl's is out of scale.


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