“Oh, go oil yourself!”
―Toby to Diesel

Toby's Troubles! is a magazine story.


Thomas returns to the main station feeling very excited; the Wellsworth school is having a bonfire night. Most of the engines are very excited and wonder who will be chosen to take passengers to it. Toby, however, is not excited. He knows that just one spark from the bonfire could set him alight. Diesel nastily teases Toby who worriedly sets off to the quarry.

Later that day, the Fat Controller tells the engines that all of the timber around Sodor will be gathered up and given to the children of Wellsworth for their bonfire. The Fat Controller instructs Toby to clear the quarry and take the wood to the school. Toby works hard all day at the quarry with Mavis. There is so much timber that Toby realises it will take two trips to deliver it all to the school.

At the bonfire site, Toby's trucks are being unloaded as Thomas and Percy arrive. Toby explains that he has got to bring even more timber from the quarry. Thomas tells Toby that he had better hurry as they want to light the bonfire soon. Toby is not very happy; he really does not like big fires.

It is not long before Toby returns with the rest of the timber. Soon, the fire is alight. To Toby's horror, a spark sets an area of dry grass near to him alight. Toby cannot even puff away; Percy is behind him and there is another engine in front of him. Luckily, devious Diesel and his driver have seen the blaze. Quick as a flash, Diesel sharply pushes a truck of milk churns which topple out of the truck and spill milk on the ground. The milk douses the flames as everyone gasps in surprise. Despite all of his nasty teasing, Diesel had saved Toby.



  • In the first illustration, James' black lining is red.
  • The engines' lamp irons are white.
  • There is said to be an engine in front of Toby, but no engine can be seen in the illustration.
  • In the eighth illustration, Thomas is missing his eyebrows.
  • In the final illustration, Toby's funnel is coloured the same as his roof.
  • In one illustration, Toby's number is missing.
  • In one illustration, Toby's face changes size.


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