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"Bump my buffers!"
— Toby

Toby's Tree Treat, republished in 2011 as Toby's Treat and as Christmas Tree Treat in Australia, is a magazine story.


It was snowing as Toby set off to take workmen to the quarry with Henrietta. At a junction, they met Emily who was hauling a Christmas tree on a flatbed. She was taking it to Wellsworth where it would be positioned in the Town Square. Next Toby and Henrietta meet up with Arthur who was taking a post van to Wellsworth. Toby was upset; everyone seemed to be more useful than he at Christmas time.

Soon Toby arrived at the quarry with the workmen. Toby helped to move some stone, then he and Henrietta took the night staff home. When Henrietta was empty once more, Toby set off for Wellsworth. When they arrived at the junction where they had met Arthur, Toby spotted a parcel beside the tracks. Toby's driver collected it and they continued on their way. Further up the line, they spy another parcel; Arthur's post van's door must have slid open. Toby carried on his way, stopping to pick up parcels along the way.

Shortly, Toby and Henrietta rolled into Wellsworth. Emily and Arthur were still there. Arthur was worried, he was just going to go looking for his missing parcels. Arthur was very pleased when Toby returns the parcels he had found. Toby was very happy; he had been very useful this year.



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