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“I thought friends help each other, but they were all too busy to help me."
"That's because they were helping me!”
―Toby and Henry

Toby's Afternoon Off is the eighth episode of the tenth season.


Toby has finished all of his jobs and is looking forward to visiting the farm when the Fat Controller asks him to do some odd jobs. Toby's first job is to shunt some trucks. He asks Mavis for help, but she is too busy. Then Toby has to take some trucks to the depot. He asks Thomas for assistance, but he is running late and has no time to help. Finally, Toby has to help Cranky with some cargo and asks Salty to share the workload, but Salty is busy delivering a piston rod. Luckily, the ship has been caught in rough seas and will not arrive until the next morning, leaving Toby time to visit the farm. On the way back, however, he meets Henry, who told him that he had broken down and Mavis, Thomas, and Salty were all helping with his passengers and repairs. Toby feels ashamed for thinking they were being unkind and offers to take Henry's coaches home.




  • This episode marks the first appearance of the Tar Tankers since the fifth season episode, Make Someone Happy and the first episode to claim that Henry needs special coal after his accident and rebuild.
    • And even if Henry did need special coal, it would be so he could make enough steam. Normal coal was never known to clog his firebox. This is a continuity error.
  • This episode marks Mavis' only appearance and Cranky's only speaking role in the tenth season.


  • Mavis is said to 'puff' and then 'steam' past Toby, but she is a diesel engine.
  • In widescreen, when Toby says "And I thought they were my friends," Salty can be seen stopping at the end of the set.
  • The narrator says Toby had to shunt trucks to the coal depot, but he was already there.
  • When Mavis leaves the yards, Toby is much closer to the tar tankers than he was in the previous and the next two shots.
  • When Toby stops next to Cranky, his steam platform can be seen on the track.


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