“What bad luck I'm having.”

Time for Tea is a magazine story.


Bertie is taking a load of a passengers on a tour. First, he takes them to the jam factory where they all get to taste the jam. Then, Bertie takes his passengers to the dairy to see cream being made. Later, they visit a bakery where bread and cakes are being made. The passengers watch hungrily as a baker tests a fresh scone from the oven.

On the way home, Bertie breaks down. His passengers have to sit and wait for ages. At last, Bertie manages to make his engine start up. Shortly, Bertie is forced to stop again when he gets a flat tyre. His passengers are kept waiting again while his tyre is changed. Eventually, Bertie is ready, but his passengers aren't; they all hurry to a teashop and, this time, it's Bertie who has to wait for them. When they finish, the passengers ask Bertie to guess what they had. Bertie guesses scones with jam and cream.


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