This article is about 'the 2008 magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the other magazine story or the annual story'.
“I only spilled sawdust, not whole trees!”

Timberrr! is a magazine story.


Thomas is collecting sacks of sawdust and wood chips from the sawmill to bring to the garden centre. As he busily puffs away, he sees some workmen cutting down trees. Then, Henry arrives to take away the timber. Suddenly, one of the bags of sawdust slips from Thomas' trucks sending sawdust straight into Henry's eyes! Thomas feels awful, but he has to carry on.

On his way back, he meets Henry pulling a log car full of tree trunks. As the engines puff round the bend, the chains holding the trunks snap and the logs roll onto the tracks. Thomas brakes hard as the logs rumble right past his bufferbeam and onto the junction. James and Edward are heading straight for them - luckily they manage to stop just in time! Now it is Henry's turn to be sorry.



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