This article is about 'the magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the DVD'.
“Be careful. They're building supplies, you'd stop bouncing and bumping if you lot were wise!"
"We're having fun! If you don't want to pull us, uncouple and run!”
―Percy and the Troublesome Trucks

Thrills and Spills! is a rhyming magazine story.


The Troublesome Trucks are causing Percy a lot of problems. As they clatter along the tracks, they spill some of their loads. Percy scolds the trucks for losing some of the important building supplies, but the trucks take no notice.

By the time Percy arrives at the building site, a lot of his load is missing. The builders threaten to use the roads instead next time. Percy is upset and tries to tell the builders that it is the trucks' fault.

The very next day, the same trucks warn Percy that they are going to cause trouble again. Percy takes the trucks to Collett's Farm where they are loaded with milk churns. Sure enough, when they set off, the trucks start to rock again. This time, however, they get a shock when they are splashed by milk. Percy tells the trucks that it's their own fault and maybe next time they'll think twice before bumping again.