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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the book.
"Three cheers for Thomas, the number one engine!"
"But I still won the race!
— The children and Bertie cheering for Thomas
Three Cheers for Thomas/
Hooray for Thomas

David Mitton


Phil Fehrle


Jan Page


Michael Angelis
Michael Brandon

Air date

November 10th,
2003 (UK)
March 15th,
2004 (US)
November 16th,
2004 (AUS)

Previous episode

Trusty Rusty

Next episode

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the Tuba

Three Cheers for Thomas, retitled Hooray for Thomas in American releases, is the twenty-sixth episode of the seventh season.


Thomas has to take some children to their annual sports day. When they arrive, a boy tells Thomas that he hopes he's number one and wins a medal. Thomas agrees it's magnificent to win a medal, and later imagines himself with a medal around his boiler.

Later, Thomas and Bertie are at the sheds, when Percy arrives. He tells the two he's taking Sir Topham Hatt to the venue. Thomas tells him he can see the egg and spoon race there, where children race with eggs on spoons. The winner of the race gets a medal. Thomas tells Percy and Bertie he wish he could have a medal and Percy tells him he'd have to win a race. Bertie challenges Thomas to a race to the next station. Thomas accepts the challenge and the race begins.

Bertie edges in front at first, but manages to get stuck behind a slowing Trevor and Thomas takes the lead. However, he doesn't keep the lead for long, as he has to stop to pick up passengers. Bertie regains the lead as he rumbles over the bridge. Then, Bertie has to stop at a level crossing and Thomas takes the lead once more.

Thomas is almost at the station when he spots a signalman with a red flag in his hand and Sir Topham Hatt. Sir Topham explains that the medals were left in his office and asks Thomas to retrieve them. Thomas, no longer caring about the race, puffs away to retrieve the medals.

Down the line, Bertie arrives at the station having won the race. Bertie waits keenly for Thomas, but he never comes. Thomas is steaming back for the medals. He arrives at Knapford, where the stationmaster gives Thomas' driver the medals. Thomas arrives at the venue, with the medals, just in time for the medals to be handed out.

The next day, Thomas is at Maithwaite station when Sir Topham Hatt and Bertie arrive with a surprise for Thomas. A boy gives Thomas his own medal and wraps it around his boiler. Sir Topham Hatt and the boy express their gratitude for Thomas' hard work during sports day and they thought Thomas deserved a medal all for himself. Thomas thanks them for the medal and all the children give him "three cheers".





  • After Thomas stops to pick up passengers, his siderods change position.
  • In the rear shot of Trevor, the left wheels of his cart are not moving.
  • Percy said he was taking the Fat Controller to the sports day, but when Thomas was stopped at the level crossing, the Fat Controller is seen in his car.
  • As Thomas races through Dryaw, a strange white object (presumably a film glitch) is seen as he goes off screen.
  • When all the children surround Bertie, his right eye is wonky.
  • Thomas is racing Bertie to the station where Sports Day is being held, but for some reason Bertie races to Wellsworth instead.
  • In the episode, there is a water tower right next to the shed that Thomas, Percy, and Bertie were at, but in a deleted scene with Harvey, the tower has moved up and moved to the other side of the tracks.
  • In Michael Angelis' remastered narration, when Thomas is given his medal, Percy's whistle sound is heard, but he is nowhere to be seen.
  • Because stock footage is used, a close-up of Sir Topham Hatt is at Maithwaite.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トーマスだけのメダル A Medal Only for Thomas
Danish Hip hurra for Thomas Hip Hooray for Thomas
Welsh Hwrê clun glun Thomas Hip Hip Hurrah Thomas



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