This article is about 'the Story Library book'. You may be looking for 'the episode, the pull-the-tab book, the Hero of the Rails sticker book, the promotional DVD or the Polish DVD'.
“Slow and steady? That's why little tank engines don't pull the express!”
―Gordon to Emily

Thomas to the Rescue is a story library book. It was released for World Book Day in the UK in 2010. It could be exchanged for a one pound token or alternatively be purchased for £1.00.


Emily is taking Annie and Clarabel whilst Thomas is at the Quarry. She ignores advice and becomes very late. Then, she gets lost and does not want to ask for Oliver's help and gets completely lost. Thomas comes to her rescue and escorts Emily and the two carriages home.



  • This book is not directly based on any television series episode.
  • This book contains illustrations from previously released Story Library books.


  • Edward is seen in the illustration but it is supposed to be Gordon. That's because the book reused illustrations from the Emily (Story Library Book).
  • Emily is repeatedly referred to as a tank engine.


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