Dan5589 got in contact with Phil Reeves for an interview by email. Thank you very much to Phil for your patience and answers to his questions!

1. How did your career as a model maker and prop designer began?

I went to art college in Dublin then got a job at Thorp model makers in London. After a couple of years I left and started with DBP models in Shepperton studios.

2. Can you tell us how did you start working as a Senior Modeller for Thomas & Friends?

I was invited to work at Thomas by a colleague of mine who was on Thomas and recommended me to Dave Eves.

3. What was it like to be working with David Eves, the model supervisor, on Thomas models?

Dave was a great person to work with, very easy going and honest and fair.

4. What was the best achievement you've done on Thomas?

Making Thomas.

5. What was it like to be on the model layout sets of Thomas at Shepperton Studios?

I worked in the workshop only and it was the best job in my career so far.

6. Do you have a favourite model (character or prop) to work on for Thomas?

Yes I liked Stanley.

7. Prior to the CGI switchover, what was your overall perspective as a Senior Modeller?

Thomas was perfect as a children's show as they can relate to what they see and the toys you can buy. The CGI version has less appeal and as the change came in we had less to make.

8. Do you still keep in touch with fellow modellers from working on the show?

Yes I sometimes employ them.

9. Moving on from Thomas, you have also worked for David Mitton and David Lane on their planned series; Adventures on Orsum Island as a modeller. What was it like to be working with the late David Mitton himself?

David was a passionate guy who loved his work and the little interaction I had with him was always interesting and fun.

10. What other film and television shows do you work outside of Thomas and Orsum Island?

I work on a lot of different tv and film productions depending on what comes through the door, We do a lot on Holby City.

11. How did you start running your company, Shed 10 Limited?

Shed 10 ltd is for tax reasons. I mainly work as a manager in DB Props ltd.

12. Do you have any advice to give to those who were already interested in becoming modellers like you?

Try to gain experience on a production and if you prove yourself the work will come.

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