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August 2017

Hi, all!

Been a while since I've left a message here, but there's been some major changes on the site lately. For details, see Matt's post below. One thing we changed was we brought back the Talk Pages. Talk Pages are to be used for suggestions for edits or questions about the page, not for discussion of the topic at hand.

--- MOST IMPORTANTLY --- please sign all posts with four "tildes" (~ ~ ~ ~) <- this but without spaces between the tildes. This signs your username to the post so we know who left the message. Please do this each time you leave a message!

Thanks for helping make Talk Pages amazing! :)

- SkarloeyRailway will find two little engines called Skarloey and Rheneas... 00:58, August 8, 2017 (UTC)

July 2017

Hey everyone. As you can see there have been some changes to the wikia recently, and I feel that it's necesarry to adress a few things to keep people up with what's been going on, as the staff have been discussing some changes to the wikia for quite some time:

  • -Pages for episodes, characters, rolling stock and several other things have been given their own seperate pages for galleries. This was done that pages could load faster and make the main pages look less cluttered.
  • -Comments have been completely removed as talk pages have been brought back. Taking care of comments has been too much of a hassle and talk pages are simpler and easier to moderate. For those who are comment mangers, please rest asured, as for right now you'll be changed from comment managers to talk page managers (only because I can't change staff names at the moment.) 
  • -The Wikia's header also has some significant changes with a new logo, a new graphic and some other small changes.

There are other things we plan on revamping soon, but this is all I have to share for now.

MH1994, 18:53, July 21st 2017. (UTC)

April 2017

Hello, everyone! It's been a while! I wanted to make some big announcements today! TheIronEngine and SamTheTrainFan have been promoted to admin! Both have worked hard on the site and both bring a fresh energy and bright new ideas to the site!

On a side note, The Steampunk Whovian has been promoted to the role of bureaucrat!

Please join me in congratulating all three! - SkarloeyRailway will find two little engines called Skarloey and Rheneas... 14:52, April 3, 2017 (UTC)

January 2017

  • Ring out the old, ring in the new! Happy New Year to everyone!

As is tradition on this site, I've gotten way behind on the polls. :P So, here's a very belated poll results post from October!

What is your favorite Halloween/Spooky themed episode?

  1. Ghost Train - 508
  2. Thomas, Percy and the Dragon - 80
  3. Haunted Henry - 129
  4. Stepney Gets Lost - 39
  5. Toby's Discovery - 26
  6. Duncan Gets Spooked - 173
  7. Rusty and the Boulder - 52
  8. Scaredy Engines - 25
  9. Percy and the Haunted Mine - 20
  10. Bad Day at Castles Loch - 22
  11. Halloween - 45
  12. Bold and Brave - 22
  13. Flour Power - 22
  14. Percy and the Monster of Brendam - 23
  15. The Phantom Express - 65
  16. Flatbeds of Fear - 52

Well there's no surprises here! As I expected, Ghost Train took the cake here by a considerable margin! Stay tuned for more announcements and be sure to vote in the new poll!

November 2016

  • Happy November, everyone!

We have some exciting news today! SamTheTrainFan and TheIronEngine have been promoted to comment control and image control respectively! Both have been a great help to this site over the years and both bring a lot to the team! We know they'll do a great job!

On an unrelated note, there will be no new poll this month, but I'll be sure to update it in December!

- SkarloeyRailway will find two little engines called Skarloey and Rheneas... 16:04, November 23, 2016 (UTC)

October 2016

  • It's October already! I can't believe how quickly fall crept up on us! Anyway, the beginning of the month so that means its time for the results from last month's poll!

How would you rate "The Great Race"?

  1. It's the best special yet! - 470
  2. It was very good, but could have been better - 355
  3. It was simply okay. Mostly a mixed bag - 122
  4. It was bad, with some redeeming moments - 24
  5. It's the worst special to date! - 29

I have to say, I'm actually shocked by these results! Most of what I've heard about "The Great Race" has been mixed at best. I'm having trouble finding people who think it tops "Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure"! But I guess those people exist, and voted in the greatest numbers! Personally, I was in the camp of "It was okay". I liked it fine, but it wasn't really my kind of special.

Keep an eye out for October's poll coming soon! :) - SkarloeyRailway will find two little engines called Skarloey and Rheneas... 17:25, October 3, 2016 (UTC)

September 2016

  • Hello, everyone! I hope everyone is having a pleasant start to autumn!There's been an issue that has been discussed at length, both on this site, the forums, on Twitter and by the Wiki staff. That is information about new content (characters, voice acting roles, returnees, new episodes, etc.) being revealed by fans asking voice actors or other TVS personal directly via Twitter and email. We wanted to make an announcement strongly discouraging this for a couple of reasons.

First and foremost, most of the voice actors, writers, etc. have signed non-discolsure agreements which actually forbid them from discussing new information about the series. It violates these agreements to give out information that hasn't been officially announced yet, and if they do disclose information about upcoming content, they most likely assume that the information is being shared privately, not on a huge site like the Wiki. It could potentially violate these agreements or a personal understanding that what the information they are sharing would not be shared publicly, which could cause this site, and the TVS personal headaches down the line.

Second off, why do we need to know information about forthcoming content right away? Part of the fun of Seasons 17 and 18 was not knowing what characters and locations would return and not knowing about the new characters until the weeks leading up to their debut specials/episodes. Many individuals on this site, on twitter, and so on would prefer to let news be a surprise and for it to come naturally, and not revealed unceremoniously because someone got an email. Personally, I think its fun being surprised by new episodes, and I don't want to know too many details going in. Remember how surprised everyone was by Duck in "Henry's Hero"? Or Bill and Ben in "Percy's Lucky Day"? Patience is a virtue, as the old saying goes!

Now we don't have any way to stop people from getting in touch with the writers and voice actors, but we wish to strongly discourage contacting them simply for the sake of getting new information to post on this site. I personally feel that the fans and the showrunners having a relationship is great, but it shouldn't just be users asking for spoilers, whether they be major or minor ones. Once again, its simply best to let these kind of things come out in their own time, and hopefully leave some surprises for the new stories as well!

I also want to make it clear this isn't directed at anyone specifically, but at the same time I wanted to make clear our stance on this practice and do our best to discourage it.

To wrap up, if you want to get in contact with the crew, great! Fan/creator relationships are awesome, but don't make it exclusively for the sake of getting spoilers.

Thanks for putting up with this long winded post! Have a wonderful fall!

- SkarloeyRailway will find two little engines called Skarloey and Rheneas... 15:09, September 21, 2016 (UTC)

  • Hello, everyone! It's been a while since we updated the main page poll, so here are the results from what became a summer long poll!

What do you think of the prospect of a full musical special, like The Great Race?

  1. It sounds awesome! I think it'll play out great! - 1,358
  2. Not sure yet... We'll see how it goes! - 577
  3. It's a bad idea.. Thomas isn't a musical! - 318

Looks like most people had high hopes for the musical elements of The Great Race, as that option pulled out a remarkable lead! I'd be curious to see what people thought of the actual execution, now that it's been released in most territories!

Be sure to check out our next poll, on the Main Page now! :)

- SkarloeyRailway will find two little engines called Skarloey and Rheneas... 14:37, September 1, 2016 (UTC)

May 2016

  • Another month has come and gone, and since we're moving on from April showers to May flowers (to say nothing of the Pilgrims that may follow!), it's time to update that mainpage poll!

Which new character from The Great Race are you most excited to meet?

  1. Ashima - 217
  2. Vinnie - 61
  3. Ivan - 18
  4. Raul - 19
  5. Freida - 26
  6. Gina - 31
  7. Yong Bao - 35
  8. Axel - 31
  9. Carlos - 30
  10. Shane - 91
  11. Etienne - 35
  12. Rajiv - 24

It's no surprise to me that Ashima won this poll. She's unlike anything we've ever seen in this show, and it'll be fun to see what the team does with her! Far behind in second and third are Shane and Vinnie. The Aussies and Americans are showing support for their home locos, but to be honest, I can't wait to learn more about all these exceptional engines!

As always, make sure to vote in next month's poll! 04:03, May 4, 2016 (UTC)

April 2016

  • Well hello there! Once again I've gotten way behind on cataloging the poll results from this month. So let's take a look at those results!

On Which Sudrian Line Would You Most Like to Travel?

  1. The Main Line - 141
  2. Thomas Branch Line (Ffarquhar Branch) - 516
  3. Edward's Branch Line (Brendam Branch) - 104
  4. The Little Western (Arlesburgh Branch) - 174
  5. The Peel Godred Branch Line - 31
  6. Kirk Ronan Branch Line - 31
  7. Norramby Branch Line - 29
  8. The Skarloey Railway - 250
  9. The Arlesdale Railway - 91
  10. The Culdee Fell Mountain Railway - 108

No real surprises here for me! I would personally be curious to visit the "undocumented" branches from the Railway Series (namely the Norramby, Kirk Ronan and Peel Godred lines), but I obviously voted for the Skarloey Railway! ;) If only we could really visit!

Be sure to vote in April's new poll! - SkarloeyRailway will find two little engines called Skarloey and Rheneas... 23:16, April 12, 2016 (UTC)

February 2016

  • Hello all! We've finally got the results from December's poll here to share with you!

What is the best Christmas/Holiday episode?

  1. Thomas' Christmas Party - 82
  2. Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree - 379
  3. Thomas and Percy's Christmas/Mountain Adventure - 42
  4. It's Only Snow - 29
  5. Not So Hasty Puddings/Cakes/Thomas and the Avalanche - 17
  6. Don't Tell Thomas - 15
  7. Keeping Up with James - 12
  8. Thomas' Tricky Tree - 6
  9. The Party Suprise - 7
  10. Merry Winter Wish - 7
  11. Merry Misty Island - 8
  12. Henry's Magic Box - 13
  13. Tree Trouble - 7
  14. Emily's Winter Party Special - 7
  15. Christmas Tree Express - 8
  16. Santa's Little Engine - 10
  17. Missing Christmas Decorations - 37
  18. Last Train for Christmas - 70
  19. Duncan the Humbug - 37
  20. The Perfect Gift - 9
  21. Diesel's Ghostly Christmas - 217
  22. A Cranky Christmas - 19

I'm not surprised that Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree is the winner here, but I'm very surprised that Diesel's Ghostly Christmas came in second! Personally I think Last Train for Christmas is much better and much better excecuted, but that's just me!

Be sure to check the new poll for the month! SkarloeyRailway (talk) 18:55, February 3, 2016 (UTC)

January 2016

  • Happy New Years to all! The Wiki is ringing in 2016 with a very special and exclusive giveaway! As you may or may not know, we are teaming up with Mattel and TTPM to give you a chance to win the "Daring Dragon Drop" set from Take-n-Play! To be entered, all you need to do is send a photo of yourself or your child with you/their Thomas and Friends to!

For more details, please check out the giveaway page!

We look forward to seeing all the entries! - SkarloeyRailway will find two little engines called Skarloey and Rheneas... 20:37, January 2, 2016 (UTC)

December 2015

  • I'm a bit late on this, but I have the results of last month's poll!

Which of today's major merchandise ranges is the best?

  1. Bachmann - 301
  2. Capsule Plarail - 21
  3. Hornby - 89
  4. Lionel Trains - 20
  5. Minis - 74
  6. Take-n-Play - 89
  7. TrackMaster - 74
  8. Wooden Railway - 461

Wooden Railway is the clear winner here, and I can't say I'm too surprised with the dive in quality that Take-n-Play and Trackmaster have both taken in the last couple of years. Wooden Railway has managed to stay a step above and beyond the other major toy lines. Bachmann is second with a sizable lead on Hornby and Take-n-Play, tied for third. Let's face it, Bachmann is great. They listen to what fans want, and produce top notch products time and time again!

Be sure to vote in December's poll! - SkarloeyRailway will find two little engines called Skarloey and Rheneas... 18:46, December 10, 2015 (UTC)

November 2015

  • We've got some exciting staff updates this month! Two users are joining the ranks of staff! First of all, MrMenfan94 as accepted the role of image controller. His experience with uploading screenshots to the site as well as his numerous other contributions made him the ideal man for the job! Secondly, The Steampunk Whovian has been promoted to admin! We're very excited to have both these users as a part of our team, so be sure to congratulate them!

- SkarloeyRailway will find two little engines called Skarloey and Rheneas... 18:01, November 2, 2015 (UTC)

  • Another month come and gone! That means its time to look at the results of another poll! Here are the results from October's poll:

What is your favorite "spooky" episode of Thomas and Friends?

  1. Ghost Train - 303
  2. Thomas, Percy and the Dragon - 42
  3. Haunted Henry - 82
  4. Stepney Gets Lost - 41
  5. Toby's Discovery - 17
  6. Duncan Gets Spooked - 85
  7. Scaredy Engines - 24
  8. Percy and the Haunted Mine - 10
  9. Halloween - 15
  10. The Magic Lamp - 10
  11. Flour Power - 10
  12. Percy and the Monster of Brendam - 11
  13. The Phantom Express - 30
  14. Flatbeds of Fear - 15

Ghost Train is the clear winner here, and I'm not at all surprised. It's the only ghost story to be written by the Reverend Awdry, and is of course, a timeless classic. Duncan Gets Spooked and Haunted Henry were the two runners up, with almost a dead tie. I can understand why! These two (in my opinion) are probably the scariest episodes of the series. Both are heavy on atmosphere and have a very dark tone, which is why they make such good Halloween episodes!

As always, be sure to vote in the next poll! - SkarloeyRailway will find two little engines called Skarloey and Rheneas... 02:05, November 2, 2015 (UTC)

October 2015

  • Autumn is in the air, and here on the Wikia, we've got the results of the latest main page poll! Let's take a look!

Which New Series character would you like to see return?

  1. Molly - 399
  2. Neville - 144
  3. Mighty Mac - 136
  4. Dennis - 55
  5. Freddie - 70
  6. Jeremy - 35
  7. Billy - 51
  8. Hector - 51
  9. Madge - 34
  10. Colin - 32
  11. Hank 59
  12. Flora - 37

Molly is the clear winner of this poll, with Neville and Mighty Mac trailing some hundred and fifty points behind! Of all the characters on this list, I certainly think these three are the most compelling. My vote went to Neville, but I could see all three of these engines being a lot of fun under Brenner and Co.!

As always, don't forget to check out the new poll! - SkarloeyRailway will find two little engines called Skarloey and Rheneas... 01:23, October 12, 2015 (UTC)

September 2015

  • Wow, already September? Where did the summer go! Well, as people are heading back to school, we've got the results from last month's poll!

Which off-rail Classic Series character would you like to see return?

  1. Terence - 454
  2. Bulgy - 42
  3. George - 81
  4. Caroline - 45
  5. Bulstrode - 35
  6. Thumper - 36
  7. Elizabeth - 44
  8. The Pack - 53
  9. Mrs. Kyndley - 43

Once again, there's a clear winner. Terence makes sense, as he is the only character from Season 1 not to be rendered in CGI so far! I'd love to see him back myself, and I think he'd be used well by Brenner and the other writers. I also think it'd be fun to see the George and the Pack return. There's lots of potential there as well!

As always, be sure to vote in this month's poll! - SkarloeyRailway will find two little engines called Skarloey and Rheneas... 17:01, September 6, 2015 (UTC)

August 2015

  • As summer is coming to a close, let's go over the results of last month's poll!

Which Classic Series rail characters would you like to see return?

  1. BoCo - 724
  2. Stepney - 236
  3. Duke - 268
  4. Smudger - 62
  5. The Diesel/Class 40 - 49
  6. S.C. Ruffey - 33
  7. Old Slowcoach - 33
  8. Derek - 54
  9. Bertram - 41
  10. Fergus - 42
  11. Arthur - 144
  12. Murdoch - 161

I can't say I'm surprised by this one. BoCo is the clear winner with over 700 votes in his favor! Duke is the runner up with Stepney in a close third place, about 30 votes behind. I find it interesting that these two are so close. I'd take Duke over Stepney any day, but I'd love to see them both! Arthur and Murdoch were also popular choices. I'm also pleased by how few characters are on this list! Just think, three years ago it would have been much longer! Be sure to thank Brenner and Co. for that one. ;)

As always, be sure to vote in this month's poll! - SkarloeyRailway will find two little engines called Skarloey and Rheneas... 18:04, August 16, 2015 (UTC)

July 2015

  • Wow! I can't believe it's July already! The year has been flying by, and a new month means a new poll! Let's take a look at the results from last month's main page poll:

Which supporting off-rail character would you like to see more of?

  1. Bertie - 51
  2. Harold - 24
  3. Captain - 23
  4. Trevor - 518
  5. Flynn - 23
  6. Merrick - 20
  7. Owen - 28
  8. Butch - 32
  9. Jack - 48
  10. Human characters - 26

No surprises as to who the winner is this time around! Trevor has always been a fan favorite, and since Nitrogen teased us with him in Season 14, it seems only natural that'd he'd be a popular choice. Trevor blew all the other contestants out of the water! So much so that Bertie, the number two choice, was 467 votes behind him! With any luck, we'll been seeing Trevor very soon!

Be sure to vote in this month's poll! It should be an interesting one! - SkarloeyRailway will find two little engines called Skarloey and Rheneas... 20:24, July 2, 2015 (UTC)

June 2015

  • Well this is super late, but I guess that's the way life is. Anyhoo, here are the results from April's main page poll:

Which supporting rail character would you like to see more of?

  1. Rosie - 324
  2. Whiff - 27
  3. Scruff - 27
  4. The Logging Locos - 117
  5. 'Arry and Bert - 97
  6. Stanley - 157
  7. Belle - 35
  8. Den and Dart - 27
  9. Norman - 27
  10. Sydney - 26
  11. Paxton - 45
  12. Diesel 10 - 427
  13. Winston - 28
  14. Stafford - 36
  15. Harvey - 160

I'm a little surprised this time around! First of all, I'm surprised that Diesel 10 won by upwards of 100 votes! He's a great character, but I personally think over-exposing him would ruin some of his mystery, which I think is part of his appeal. Second, I'm surprised that the Logging Locos have any votes at all! Oh well, different strokes for different folks! :P Be sure to vote in this month's poll! - SkarloeyRailway will find two little engines called Skarloey and Rheneas... 02:07, June 9, 2015 (UTC)

  • Hey guys - I've been pretty inactive on the wiki for the past 6 months or so. I'm back for the summer though and hoepfully I can manage my time when schools starts back up again, so feel free to ask for any help, etc. Toby7 Sláinte! 15:39, June 20, 2015 (UTC)

April 2015

  • Hello all! Again, I'm a little late, but here are the results of this month's main page poll:

Which secondary characters would you like to see more of?

  1. Victor - 21
  2. Rockey - 21
  3. Duck - 310
  4. Oliver - 269
  5. Toad - 40
  6. Kevin - 16
  7. Hiro - 29
  8. Bill and Ben - 70
  9. Spencer - 16
  10. Charlie - 14
  11. Connor - 17
  12. Caitlin - 16
  13. Porter - 35
  14. Salty - 15
  15. Stephen - 35
  16. Cranky - 27
  17. Millie - 28

Its no surprise to me that Duck is pulling away with the win this month, he's always been a fan favorite. Personally, my vote would go to Oliver, as he hasn't had an episode to himself since Season 7, but I couldn't complain with more Duck! Make sure to vote in this month's poll! - SkarloeyRailway will find two little engines called Skarloey and Rheneas... 20:52, April 12, 2015 (UTC)

March 2015

  • Greetings, everyone! I know I'm a little late, but here are the results of the main page poll:

Which core character would you like to see more of?

  1. Thomas - 125
  2. Edward - 153
  3. Henry - 58
  4. Gordon - 31
  5. James - 27
  6. Percy - 27
  7. Toby - 51
  8. Emily - 60
  9. Sir Topham Hatt - 21
  10. Diesel - 30
  11. Mavis - 80
  12. The Narrow Gauge Engines - 577

Once again, there's a resounding winner! I can't say I disagree with the result this time though! I'd love to see more of the Narrow Gauge Engines and their beautiful railway! More specifically, I'd like to see Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel and Rusty have stories of their own. They've been under-used in terms of main roles since they returned in CGI. I hope Mr. Brenner is reading this! Until next time, be sure to vote in the new poll! - SkarloeyRailway will find two little engines called Skarloey and Rheneas... 19:16, March 9, 2015 (UTC)

February 2015

  • Hello everyone! Another month over, that means its time for another poll! Here are the results from last month's poll:

Which supporting off-rail characters would you like to see less of?

  1. Bertie - 36
  2. Harold - 14
  3. Captain -37
  4. Trevor - 11
  5. Flynn - 237
  6. Merrick - 21
  7. Owen - 13
  8. Butch - 15
  9. Jack - 13
  10. Human Characters - 210

Well there's a resounding victor here, and that's everyone's favorite (or least favorite it seems) fire engine, Flynn! I can't say I'm surprised there, but I'm flabbergasted people actually want to see less human characters! If anything, I'd say the series needs way more of them, but I digress. Be sure to vote in this months poll, now on the main page! - SkarloeyRailway will find two little engines called Skarloey and Rheneas... 18:41, February 1, 2015 (UTC)

  • Hello everyone! Haven't made an announcement in a while but the staff has been working on a project over the past month or so. We've opened up a brand new forum! The Official Forums of TTTE Wikia will replace the previous forum we've all known and love (Old posts will be archived and available to view soon). We've injected new life into the place and hope you love it as much as we do. Feel free to sign up now and meet all your friends to talk about Thomas, trains, and more! Sign up now!Toby7 Sláinte! 23:28, February 13, 2015 (UTC)

January 2015

  • Hello everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that staff members with image control and/or comment control rights now have the authority to give strikes in their areas of authority. They cannot ban a user, but they can now give strikes to help tighten up on irrelvant comments and images. Please be sure and respect this new authority! Kind regards, - SkarloeyRailway will find two little engines called Skarloey and Rheneas... 23:55, January 25, 2015 (UTC)
  • Good morning, afternoon, evening to all! Many of you may have noticed that the chatbox has been taken down. This is due to reported incidents of misuse and possible cyberbullying that occurred there. The staff are currently reviewing screenshots of the incidents under investigation, and we are working hard to determine a fair and reasonable verdict. Until that time, the chat will be closed, with no guarantee of returning. Thanks for your time. - SkarloeyRailway will find two little engines called Skarloey and Rheneas... 16:41, January 18, 2015 (UTC)
  • Happy New Year everyone! We have a lot in store for us as we celebrate the 70th anniversary of The Railway Series! Thomasfan Peep! Peep! 20:42, January 1, 2015 (UTC)
  • TheBlueSunil has been promoted to comment control! Go and give Chris a hearty congratulations! Thomasfan Peep! Peep! 20:42, January 1, 2015 (UTC)
  • So which of the supporting rail characters would you like to see less of?
  1. The Logging Locos - 458
  2. Diesel 10 - 57
  3. Rosie - 42
  4. 'Arry and Bert - 38
  5. Belle - 28
  6. Stafford - 17
  7. Den and Dart and Winston - 14
  8. Harvey - 13
  9. Whiff and Scruff - 12
  10. Stanley, Norman, and Sidney - 9

Not too surprising, even though we haven't seen the Logging Locos for awhile, no one wants to see them back anytime too soon! Diesel 10 also makes sense in a way given so many people dislike Thomas and the Magic Railroad. But I'll leave all further analysis to Owen! So without further ado, go vote in this month's poll! Thomasfan Peep! Peep! 20:42, January 1, 2015 (UTC)

  • Right, first off, to those of you who know what this is about, sorry it took me so long to make the announcement! This is the first time I've been able to make it onto the computer all day! But without further ado...
I have a bit of good news/bad news/good news. First a bit of good news! Today (the 7th) is my 23rd birthday! Now that in itself isn't worth an announcement of course, but the bad news is. Today is the day I chose to resign as an admin. I haven't been very active here for several months, and I finally decided about a month ago that I just can't handle the job anymore. It was fun while it lasted and I enjoyed helping people and making new friends, but I'm just not able to keep up with it anymore. I have other projects I want to get on with, and not having to worry about the Wikia will allow me more time for them. But there's a silver lining to this! While I won't be on the Wikia as a staff member anymore, I will pop in every now and then to help out if I'm needed or to just check on things. As well as that, I'll still be on Twitter and Skype too, so if you're on either of those, I'll be able to talk to you there!
So basically everything is going to be the same as before! The only real difference is that I'll no longer be part of the staff, but SteamTeam, Sean, Seamus, Tom, and the others will still be about to help! And they handle things better than I ever could! You're in good hands with them! :) Thomasfan Peep! Peep! 05:54, January 8, 2015 (UTC)
  • This is just a short message to remind everyone that The Adventure Begins will be treated like any other special. That means we will not be allowing images from it until after the release of the UK DVD. However, like all specials, we will be allowing images from trailers, previews and any other images released officially (for example: images from book previews). As always, this is done to prevent spoilers. Thanks for understanding, SteamTeam (talk) 15:01, January 29, 2015 (UTC)

December 2014

  • A few days late, but here are the results of last month's poll! Which of the secondary characters would you like to see less of?
  1. Charlie - 554
  2. Spencer - 62
  3. Rocky - 57
  4. Duck - 47
  5. Cranky - 43
  6. Hiro - 27
  7. Bill and Ben - 26
  8. Stephen - 24
  9. Caitlin - 19
  10. Kevin - 16
  11. Victor - 15
  12. Salty - 13
  13. Oliver and Toad - 11
  14. Connor, Porter, and Millie - 10

So it seems that most of you don't want to see much more of Charlie! Sort of understandable given his pre-seventeenth season appearances, but he's shown improvement in season 17 and 18.

That leads us to the third of Owen's polls, so go and vote! Thomasfan Peep! Peep! 23:41, December 4, 2014 (UTC)

  • DuckFan98, better known to most as Tom, has just been promoted as an admin! Well done and good luck to you Tom! I know you'll do well! :) Thomasfan Peep! Peep! 16:16, December 5, 2014 (UTC)

November 2014

  • The first of Owen's polls is over and done! How did it turn out? Let's see which of the core characters would you like to see less of!
  1. Thomas - 478
  2. Diesel - 153
  3. Emily - 94
  4. Sir Topham Hatt - 82
  5. The Narrow Gauge Engines - 46
  6. James - 34
  7. Percy - 26
  8. Mavis - 16
  9. Henry and Gordon - 13
  10. Edward - 12

It seems that we have reached Thomas saturation! Most of you would like to see less of the main character and let the others have a bit of time in the spotlight. Interesting that Edward got the fewest votes. Is he the most popular character? Hmm...

Anyway, time for the next of Owen's polls! Thomasfan Peep! Peep! 00:23, November 2, 2014 (UTC)

  • This week, two of our staff members resigned. Both Richie (User:Oliverandtoad13) and Jayden (User:SplatterAndDodge) have decided that that working on the Wikia isn't something they can commit to at this time. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors and want them to know that we've appreciated all of their contributions and dedication over the years. You will both be sorely missed! Thomasfan Peep! Peep! 20:12, November 9, 2014 (UTC)

October 2014

  • Yes, I know this should have been replaced a month ago, but I forgot and then it was the middle of the month by the time I remembered, so I figured I'd leave the poll up for an extra month. :P Anyway, we asked you if you liked the television liveries of the Skarloey Railway locos or their Railway Series liveries. And this is what you said:
  1. Different Hues of the Television Series - 903
  2. Standard Liveries of the Railway Series - 250

Not too surprising really. I've always felt like the Skarloey engines looked a little bland in the Railway Series all in red. I guess most of you guys felt the same as well.

So now onto a new poll! This month (and for a few months coming) we will be hosting polls sent to us by Owen (probably better known to most as @Railinspector on Twitter) so that he can gather the data and use it for a blog post he's working on. It had originally been planned as a much longer sequence of polls, but as SiF and HiT are running similar polls at the moment, we felt it was better to not steal their thunder and so we've shortened it a bit. But anyway, go and vote! Thomasfan Peep! Peep! 04:36, October 2, 2014 (UTC)

September 2014

August 2014

  • So which song is the most popular from the CGI series?
  1. Working Together - 213
  2. It's Gonna be a Great Day - 105
  3. Blue Mountain Mystery - 97
  4. Go, Go Thomas - 72
  5. Day of the Diesels - 52
  6. Hey Hey Thomas! - 46
  7. On a Journey Today - 28
  8. Misty Island Rescue - 27
  9. Thomas and Percy - 23
  10. Searching Everywhere - 22
  11. Sir Topham Hatt - 18
  12. Roll Along, All You Need, and Hear the Engines Coming - 17

Obviously it was Working Together with 213 votes! It is quite a catchy tune after all... Anyway, now for a new poll - even if it is five days late! Thomasfan Peep! Peep! 16:35, August 5, 2014 (UTC)

  • We have a new background for the month, again made by StephOfTheEast! This time it's Edward! Thomasfan Peep! Peep! 16:39, August 5, 2014 (UTC)
  • I regret to inform you all that today TheThomas4, aka Duncan, has resigned from his position as chat moderator. On behalf of the staff team I'd like to thank Duncan for his effort and hard work in the role, and I trust that you all appreciate and respect his decision to part ways with the staff of the wikia. Many thanks, Richie Peep, Pip Pip Peep! 11:02, August 31, 2014 (UTC)

July 2014

  • We have a new background courtesy of StephOfTheEast! Let's all thank her for her excellent work! Thomasfan Peep! Peep! 03:39, July 2, 2014 (UTC)
  • So which of Percy's accidents is the community favorite? Well as you can see, there's no fan favorite...!
  1. Percy's Chocolate Crunch - 286
  2. Percy, James and the Fruitful Day - 68
  3. Percy's Predicament - 62
  4. Put Upon Percy - 59
  5. The Phantom Express - 51
  6. Percy Takes the Plunge - 47
  7. Percy Runs Away - 46
  8. Ghost Train - 37
  9. A Scarf for Percy - 29
  10. King of the Railway - 21
  11. Thomas, Percy and the Coal - 19
  12. Woolly Bear - 17
  13. Harvey to the Rescue - 14
  14. Emily Knows Best - 13
  15. Mind that Bike - 12
  16. Calling All Engines! - 10
  17. Percy's New Whistle and Percy the Snowman - 6
  18. Surprise, Surprise and Flash Bang Wallop! - 5

Or... Maybe there is. :P Yep, the Great and Powerfully Cute Percy won the poll! Was there ever any doubt? Personally, I was hoping Percy, James, and the Fruitful Day would win, but I guess such a gigantic crash through a chocolate factory isn't one that most people will soon forget! So we move on once again to another poll! And this one is about songs. CGI songs to be precise. Which is your favorite? Let your voice be heard! Thomasfan Peep! Peep! 03:39, July 2, 2014 (UTC)

  • Zem2point0 has officially resigned as an admin today. He was my first friend on the internet and still one of my best friends. I'll miss having him around to help out with decisions and whatnot, but I'm glad he'll still be around from time to time to talk to. So while he'll no longer take an active role as an admin, at least he'll still be there to talk to. So it's rather bittersweet for me. As someone who left the Wikia for months, I know that this could be worse. Zack, you're like a brother to me, and I hope you know that. :) Thomasfan Peep! Peep! 05:26, July 3, 2014 (UTC)
  • DuckFan98 has just been given the position of comment control! Best of luck Tom in your new position! :) Thomasfan Peep! Peep! 19:34, July 11, 2014 (UTC)
  • Hello Wikia! With Tale of the Brave showing in Australian theaters down under and it's release looming around the corner in the UK and US, lots of new infomation is being released, some tidbits from the fans and press releases from HiT. As an information site, as a wiki any relevant and legitmate information will be published, even if it is a spoiler! This applies to the forums, chatbox, and articles. Please do not harrass other users if they post some new information. Most articles concerning future releases have warning templates and most users will go out of their way to give readers a spoiler warning before the rest of their message. Thank you all, and have a great evening! Toby7 Sláinte! 02:19, July 22, 2014 (UTC)

June 2014

  • Last month, we asked if you had ever met an Awdry or anyone who had worked on the show. Let's see how that turned out!
  1. No - 633
  2. Yes - 108

Unsurprisingly, most of you hadn't. But it's nice to know how many of our visitors have run into someone from Thomas' long history! But now it's onward to the June's poll! We all know Percy has had his share of accidents, but which is your favorite? It's time to let us know! Thomasfan Peep! Peep! 09:21, June 1, 2014 (UTC)

May 2014

  • The results are in! Which Sudrian railway would you most want to visit?
  1. North Western Railway - 553
  2. Skarloey Railway - 186
  3. Culdee Fell Railway - 71
  4. Arlesdale Railway - 65

This is how these things generally play out, right? The NWR gets the most votes due to most people's favorite characters being from that line, then the Skarloey, then the CFR, then the Arlesdale. So basically, this wasn't very surprising in my opinion! So without further ado, onto the next poll! Thomasfan Peep! Peep! 04:52, May 3, 2014 (UTC)

  • MH1994 has now been made an admin! Under the new staff rule, he will be given a 30 day trial internship. If he passes the second vote, he will remain on as an admin. I'm certain he will though! We don't promote people to admin who we don't think are cut out for the job! Good luck and congratulations Matt! Thomasfan Peep! Peep! 19:24, May 15, 2014 (UTC)

April 2014

  • So what season did most of you first remember seeing?
  1. Season 1 - 401
  2. Can't remember - 122
  3. Season 2 - 95
  4. Season 3 - 64
  5. Season 4 - 54
  6. Season 5 - 50
  7. Season 17 - 28
  8. Season 6 - 25
  9. Season 7 - 19
  10. Season 8 - 16
  11. Season 15 - 6
  12. Season 12/Season 14/Season 16 - 5
  13. Season 11 - 4
  14. Season 9/Season 10/Season 13 - 3

Unsurprisingly, S1! Also somewhat unsurprisingly, a lot of you couldn't remember your first season. Perfectly understandable since most of us were probably around two years old when we were first introduced to the show! What does surprise me is S17 coming so high up the list. I know it only got 28 votes, but that must mean we've gained 28 new fans from that one season! Welcome aboard! Glad to have you in the fandom! :) Thomasfan Peep! Peep! 17:06, April 1, 2014 (UTC)

  • We would like to congratulate Pyrrha Omega on becoming part of the VSTF team! After months of waiting and training, he was finally added to the team today! Congrats Danny! And good luck! :D Thomasfan Peep! Peep! 03:32, April 5, 2014 (UTC)

March 2014

  • A bit late, but here are last month's poll results:
  1. Timothy - 378
  2. Gator - 164
  3. Reg - 57
  4. Marion - 51

So Timothy is the one with the most potential? Can't say I disagree! His connection to the SSC must make him the standout of the special, right? Well, I hope so at least! Anyway, new poll time! Go vote! :) Thomasfan Peep! Peep! 05:54, March 3, 2014 (UTC)

February 2014

  • So will Tale of the Brave be better than King of the Railway? Only time will tell, but we asked you guys anyway, and here's what you said:
  1. They'll probably be about the same - 418
  2. Yes - 336
  3. No - 24
So it seems that most of the people who voted have a positive outlook on the next special. And with good reason considering we have Andrew Brenner at the helm now! But now that we know a little more about Tale of the Brave because of the trailer, we'd like to know which new character you think has the most potential. Do you think Gator will have what it takes to become a recurring character beyond the next season? Does Timothy's China Clay connection put him at the front and give him a better chance of being fleshed out? Is Marion going to take center stage and push the male characters to the side? Or will Reg use his crane arm to reel in the love of the fanbase? You tell us!!! :D Thomasfan Peep! Peep! 05:43, February 2, 2014 (UTC)

January 2014

  • The results are in, and it seems that people overwhelming would like to see an episode that has absolutely nothing to do with the railways of Sodor!
  1. Yes - 624
  2. No - 52
I can't blame you guys for this sentiment. The last episode that didn't have anything to do with the engines was way back with Jack and the Sodor Construction Company, wasn't it? That was nearly seven years ago! No wonder we're all longing for a break away from the railways! Thomasfan Peep! Peep! 22:57, January 1, 2014 (UTC)
  • Well with a slight majority vote, the article comments have been given the go-ahead! We'll start them out just for a brief time at first, and if everyone likes them, they'll stay for good! Thomasfan Peep! Peep! 02:12, January 11, 2014 (UTC)

December 2013

  • Can you believe it's December already? I know I can't! Anyway, here's the results from last month's poll!
  1. Donald and Douglas - 378
  2. BoCo - 158
  3. Oliver - 137
  4. Duncan - 109
  5. Daisy - 53
  6. Stepney and Duke - 52
  7. Murdoch - 30
  8. Arthur and Molly - 27
  9. Derek - 24
  10. Hank - 20
  11. Fergus and Mighty Mac - 19
  12. Bertram - 17
  13. Colin - 15
  14. Neville - 14
  15. Freddie - 11
  16. Flora - 10
  17. Dennis and Billy - 7
A surprising conclusion? Not at all! With Duck back in the show, it's no surprise that the Scottish twins are in such high demand! Same with Duncan and Oliver. We have all of the other Skarloey Railway engines and good ol' Montague representing the GWR, why not complete both sets? And admit it, who doesn't like BoCo?! Anyway, please remember to vote in our next poll! :) Thomasfan Peep! Peep! 04:35, December 3, 2013 (UTC)
  • TheSodorSteamworks has been added to our ChatMod team! Why not go and give him a hearty welcome and congratulate him on his promotion?! :) Thomasfan Peep! Peep! 04:23, December 18, 2013 (UTC)

November 2013

  • Here are last months poll results! Here's what you thought of the first ten episodes of Season 17:
  1. Kevin's Cranky Friend - 13 votes
  2. Scruff's Makeover - 9 votes
  3. Wayward Winston - 76 votes
  4. Gordon Runs Dry - 98 votes
  5. Calm Down Catlin - 47 votes
  6. Steamie Stafford - 11 votes
  7. Henry's Hero - 395 votes
  8. Luke's New Friend - 36 votes
  9. The Switch - 109 votes
  10. Not Now, Charlie! - 27 votes
This went more or less as I expected, but I didn't think The Switch would beat out Gordon Runs Dry and Wayward Winston! Be sure to vote in our next poll! - SkarloeyRailway will find two little engines called Skarloey and Rheneas... 21:14, November 2, 2013 (UTC)
  • Hi guys, Just a quick appearance from me here. Massive apologies for the offensive pages and photos added to the site today, I have dealt with them and handed out the appropriate punishment to the user in question. If these occurrences keep on occurring (and I sincerely hope they don't) then please don't hesitate in contacting an admin, and we will sort out the situation as quick as possible. Thanks for your time and help. Cheers, Richie Peep, Pip Pip Peep! 16:26, November 15, 2013 (UTC)
  • It's been forever since I made an announcement, so, um, hi guys! :D Anyway, Wikia released a code today for us to add "share" links for Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. I've amended it slightly so that it should link to our accounts on those sites, but if you guys find that it doesn't, please send me a message letting me know! :) Also, many of you don't know this, but we do have an account on Google+. (Yeah, I know I just mentioned it. :P) So, if you like Google+, please add us to your circle - or whatever it's called. :P Link here. Thanks for reading guys! :) Thomasfan Peep! Peep! 03:17, November 22, 2013 (UTC)
  • This may be a bit early for some, but I doubt if I'll be able to come on the Wikia tomorrow. Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American users and visitors! Also, I know this is definitely too early, but tomorrow at sundown starts the first day of Hanukkah, so Happy Hanukkah to all of our Jewish users and visitors as well! I hope you all have fun tomorrow! God bless! :) EDIT: Oh, and if any of our Jewish friends are Bronies: Click here. :P Thomasfan Peep! Peep! 07:09, November 28, 2013 (UTC)

October 2013

  • Long time user StephOfTheEast has been made a chat mod! Make sure to congratulate her if you see her. Welcome aboard the team! On a less lighter note, I would like to let you all know that the staff team takes all complaints into consideration. We care what you think. So if you have a problem please let us know! It goes up the "chain of command" until it is resolved. Right now the admins are reviewing many issues that have arisen over the past few months and it seems like we are close to finding one "Catch-all" solution. Just keep your eyes out for futher announcements in the future. Thanks for being apart of the TTTE Wikia family! :)  Toby7 Sláinte! 21:35, October 29, 2013 (UTC)

September 2013

  • We've got poll results from the last mainpage poll now! Here's what you said:
  1. Ffarquhar -449
  2. Crosby - 23
  3. Suddery - 22
  4. Lower Tidmouth - 19
  5. Tidmouth Station - 144
  6. Crovans Gate - 199
  7. Dryaw - 22
  8. Tidmouth Hault - 36
  9. Callan - 22
  10. Kirk Ronan - 44
  11. Cronk - 31

Looks like Ffarquhar is the station most fans want to see return! I can see why! It was in the opening of the Classic Series and is really (at least to me) a symbol of that era. Besides, it's a lovely set that would look great in CGI! Crovan's Gate and Tidmouth were second and third. Crovan's Gate I honestly can't see coming back with the introduction of the Steamworks, but I would really love to see it in full CGI! Tidmouth is also an iconic location from the Second and Third Seasons and is certainly due for a return! Be sure to vote in this month's poll, up now! - SkarloeyRailway will find two little engines called Skarloey and Rheneas... 01:30, September 17, 2013 (UTC)

  • Hello everyone. I took a few weeks off from the wiki to settle into school and get back into a routine. I stayed off line a bit longer than I thought but I'm back now. I can't guarantee I'll be on 100% but I'll take some of the pressure of the back of the other admins - Who I can have been doing a wonderful job keeping this train on track. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Hope to talk to y'all soon! Toby7 Sláinte! 18:43, September 23, 2013 (UTC)

August 2013

  • With King of the Railway's upcoming DVD release, I'd like to let people know that we will not be allowing screen-caps from the movie until after its release in the USA due to spoilers at which point I will provide my usual high-quality images for the special. Thanks a lot, SteamTeam (talk) 23:07, August 15, 2013 (UTC)
  • Are you interested in real railways and trains? 
  1. Yes - 623
  2. I am a bit 105
  3. No - 55

Not really surprised in this one. I actually got into real trains shortly before Thomas, while I think for most people it was the other way around. I think with the dawn of the British Railway Series and the internet more Thomas fans became interested with the real thing. Be sure to vote in the next poll, I'm sure you guys will enjoy it ;) Toby7 Sláinte! 20:00, August 1, 2013 (UTC)

July 2013

  1. I can't wait until September! - 805
  2. I could care less - 72
  3. I hope September never comes - 49

Seems the fanbase is excited for the special. The skeptics seem greatly outnumbered. I must say I am in the middle, mostly because I am focused on Season 17. I will watch the special when it comes out however. Anyway, sorry for the late update, and this months poll will only be two weeks. I took a break due to multiple personal problems but now I am on full time.  :) Check out the new poll! Toby7 Sláinte! 18:04, July 15, 2013 (UTC)

  • I'm sure a lot of the regulars here understand what happened here in past 36 hours. For those who don't know, in short, two groups of users disagreed on a certain edit. There was a lot of misunderstanding and a long debate went on until it was no longer a sensible discussion. As a participant in the debate, I'll do my best to sound as unbiased as possible here. Everyone on this site is titled to their opinion and has the right to appropriately express them. However, there is a difference between a fact an opinion. When having a debate, you should use facts to support your opinion, don't just state your opinion. When one side is giving evidence and the other side is just stating their opinion over and over again, progress is not made and frankly it get's annoying. I'm always open for discussion when someone disagrees with me, but I, along with the rest of the admins here, want to hear evidence supporting your argument, not just your opinion. With that out of the way, I would like to remind everyone here of something. We are all here for the same reason. A certain tank engine has been important to us, and we want to create the best possible database about the tank engine and his friends. We may have different opinions on how to do it, but that does not matter. We all have something in common and while we spend our time here, remember that. I am proud of this website and I'm sure all of you are. Let's not let a small edit create a gap between each other, let's work together on a solution and at the same time strengthen our friendships. It may sound very sappy, it's what I have to say. Toby7 Sláinte! 22:20, July 19, 2013 (UTC)

June 2013

  • Do you like Mark Moraghan's narration?
  1. Yes - 462
  2. No - 21
  3. No Preference - 22
  4. Not as good as Angelis/Brandon - 82

It seems Mr. Moraghan has a large amount of support in the fanbase and I am not surprised. He has brought a fresh start to the series but still retains the classic charm of the narrators before him. Little disliked him or had no preference, but a good group of people don't believe he is as good as Angelis or Brandon. Anyway, new poll is up! Vote in it now! :) Toby7 Sláinte! 09:46, June 4, 2013 (UTC)

  • Hello, We wanted to let you know that in order to comply with federal law, Wikia is reviewing the way it handles communities that may be considered directed to people 12 years of age or younger. This wiki has been flagged as falling into that category, and I wanted to let you know about it. While I am sure this wiki has many fans of all ages, it can also be especially appealing to the younger demographic for purposes of the newly revised Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). The only change you will notice is that we will be turning anonymous editing and commenting off for wikis in this category. Your users will still be able to edit and participate. They just need to make sure that they are logged in first. We hope the impact on your community will be minimal. We realize this might be an inconvenience, but this is a step Wikia has to take in order to make sure we are in compliance with federal law. You can find out more about COPPA here: The changes to the law will be going into effect July 1st, 2013 although you may see some changes before then. Be sure to keep an eye on Community Central where e will be announcing these updates to the wider Wikia Community on Monday on the staff blog. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks, and Happy Editing! --semanticdrifter @fandom (help forum | blog) 01:07, June 21, 2013 (UTC)
  • Toby7 here, hello! Just wanted to talk about something that I've noticed lately. Many users have been removing messages from their walls. This is acceptable if it is either profane, spam or harassment. However, it is strictly against the rules to remove messages that don't fall under those categories. I am upset at how many regular, usually well behaved users have broken this rule. If you aren't sure if a message falls under one of the previous categories, at least run it by an admin. We often look at past messages as sources while conducting admin business. It is best in the end to either leave an admin to remove messages or if it seemed they missed one, report it. Thanks. Toby7 Sláinte! 22:08, June 22, 2013 (UTC)

May 2013

  • So which character are you most looking forward to seeing in King of the Railway?
  1. Stephen - 269
  2. Millie - 72
  3. Connor - 48
  4. Caitlin - 28

Well, with a score of 269, it's clearly Stephen! That's not a big surprise either considering he's going to be the main character (after Thomas) and is based after Stephenson's Rocket! Millie came in second, which is understandable considering she's narrow gauge and somewhat mysterious. (By that I mean we don't know much about her.) And then came Connor and finally Caitlin. Can't say their placement is much of a surprise either. Very few people seem to like them and even fewer like Caitlin. Thomasfan Peep! Peep! 08:13, May 1, 2013 (UTC)

  • Hey everyone. I'm sure a lot of you are excited because for many of our users Summer is right around the corner, and that means a lot of you will be out of school. I'm excited too! However, in the Summer we tend to have bit more free time. If you are bored, please to do not make pointless edits. I've seen correct grammar changed to clearly incorrect grammar for no reason. This includes adding categories that make no sense, and adding stubs to large pages. (For more editing standards, read our Manual of Style). When people make a large number of pointless edits, it makes an admins job a lot harder (It's not all fun and games :P). Thanks! Check this page later for more periodic updates. :) Toby7 Ding!Ding! 01:53, May 8, 2013 (UTC)
  • I know this may come as a shock to everyone, but the time has come, I feel, for me to step away from the Wikia. I will still come around when you guys need help, but I won't be coming on a daily basis. This has been a long time coming and is one of the reasons why I had Toby, Richie, and Skarloey promoted a few months back. I stayed on awhile after their promotion to help them find their way and get used to things. I think I've passed on everything I know to them, so it's now time I just step aside and let them have some more freedom to do things their own way. I'll remain in my bureaucratic position for the time-being, but even that may not last. I know this will upset many people, but it's just how I feel. The fandom has been falling apart almost since its beginning and it's come to the point where I just don't want to be a part of it at all. All of the fighting and bickering between everyone on all sides is just sickening and I refuse to be associated with it anymore. There are still many, many good people in the fandom, but they're few and far between. And the few good people there are get ridiculed and bullied so much even they become what I hate about this fandom. This isn't to say that there aren't any good people in the fandom who haven't remained good, but they're even more rare than a good person at all. (I'm happy to say that most users here are good and have always remained so.) I'm sure this has made you all depressed by now, but there is some good news! Not only will I still come to the Wikia every now and then, but I'll still be on the Wikia's forum, Twitter, and YouTube. And, as I've committed to doing it, I shall finish uploading the trading card series on the Wikia's Twitter account. After that, I'm not sure. I may leave the Wikia's Twitter account to someone else or I may continue with it. Depends on how things go really. That's about all really, but I do have one word of advice for my fellow staff members: You come third. God is first, everyone else is second, you're third. So serve God, serve everyone in your life (including our members), and then serve yourselves. That's the way to run anything and everything and I hope that you guys will try (because I know you'll fail a few times; I did) to live by that. For everyone else: I know you'll have tons of questions and many goodbye messages and perhaps even a few pleads for me to stay, but I've already explained my reasons for leaving and I've already made up my mind to leave. I will appreciate any goodbye messages though. :) I think that sums everything up. I'm sorry if this upsets anybody, but I couldn't stay forever. Toby, Richie, and Skarloey are great and I'm sure you'll all come to love them too! And let's not forget about SteamTeam and ZEM! They're still about to help you guys out! ;) Thomasfan Peep! Peep! 05:55, May 13, 2013 (UTC)
  • I just wanted to give a huge public thanks to Thomasfan on behalf of myself and all the other admins. The work Thomasfan did for this Wiki is absolutely unbelievable! I can't even imagine what the Wiki would be like now if he hadn't come along. I'd take a bold guess that it'd be a lot like the Answers Wiki. Thomasfan did more than his fair share of work here and I don't know how anyone else will ever be able to match the enormous amounts of time and energy Thomasfan put into making the Wiki so great. I can honestly say that without a doubt he is one of the most effective admins I've ever seen on any site. He always stuck to his guns when edits were being disputed or when users got out of hand, but his best interest was always for the Wiki as a whole. This is one trait I hope I have inherited from watching him over the past several years. Thomasfan, know that you will be dearly missed by all of us here and that the message I left on your wall was just to warm myself up for this one! ;) *Cue Season 1 outro music from Mike and Junior * So with that I'd like to wish "dry rails and good running" to Thomasfan from all of the admins and all the users of the Wiki! - - SkarloeyRailway will find two little engines called Skarloey and Rheneas... 20:51, May 13, 2013 (UTC)
  • Evening users. I'm sure all of you are very upset with Thomasfan's departure. I am. First of all, I can't thank him enough for his work here. He has dedicated a good 4 years of his life putting energy into our beloved website. Without him, the wiki would have fallen into a "dark age" again, of spam and vandalism. There is no way to repay him for that. TF has been a very close friend here. He got me started on the right foot and took me under his wing when he first joined. Never in a million years would I have imagined that one day he would step down from his position and ask my friends and I to fill his boots. And what very big boots we have to fill! We could never do what Thomasfan did, but we will do our best to keep it up to the standard that he has upheld. Thomasfan is not leaving completely though. He will still be active on our forums and will help out here when he is needed. It actually gives me great pride and love for this corner of the internet. It's a passing of the torch. All I have left to say is good luck too my dear friend in his future ventures. We will always welcome you back with open arms. Toby7 Sláinte 20:47, May 13, 2013 (UTC)
  • Hello everyone, this is zem2point0 (formerly ZEM). You may or may not know me, but I'm an 'old' admin here on the TTTE Wikia. Thomasfan is a good friend of mine from the days when I was an active admin. I'm very pleased with the work that Thomasfan has done here during the past 4+ years. He has been a good editor since late 2008 and a great admin since I promoted him on July 22, 2009; a few months before I began disappearing for long periods of inactivity. It is hard to believe that so much time has passed and it is even harder to believe that Thomasfan won't be here everyday as he has been in the past. I can't really say anything more that won't echo what has already been said, but it is worth repeating that Thomasfan will be missed. "Dry rails and good running" Thomasfan! God Bless. Zem2point0 (talk) 21:21, May 13, 2013 (UTC)