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Thomas the Tank Engine Owner's Workshop Manual is a book.


  • "Welcome Aboard!" - Come and meet the characters on Sodor.
  • "Thomas the Tank Engine" - Detailed diagram of Thomas.
  • "How a Steam Engine works" - See how a steam locomotive works.
  • "Driving Thomas" - Learning how Thomas' crew operate their engine.
  • "Gordon" - Detailed diagram of Gordon.
  • "Looking After Engines" - How engineers look after the engines.
  • "An Engine Changes" - How Henry was repaired and refitted.
  • "Percy" - Detailed diagram of Percy.
  • "Building an Engine" - How steam engines are built.
  • "Mavis" - Detailed diagram of Mavis.
  • "Lots More Engines" - Looking at more railway engines.
  • "Carriages and Other Friends" - Looking at the non-locomotive characters.
  • "Trevor and Harold" - Detailed diagrams of Trevor and Harold.
  • "The Tracks of Sodor" - Detailed diagrams of tracks, turntables and signals.
  • "Old and New Engines" - How railway engines have changed over the years.
  • "Thomas' Railway Facts" - Railway facts and Map of Sodor.
  • "Thomas' Really Useful Words" - Understanding the railway language.



  • This is the first time the insides of Thomas, Gordon, Percy, Mavis, Trevor, and Harold are shown.
  • The Culdee Fell Railway is mentioned in this book.
  • The map of Sodor is the Railway Series version in this book.


  • Fergus has a blue smokebox.
  • Rocky is missing his wheels.


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