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This article is about 'the video game'. You may be looking for 'the Scandinavian or Serbian DVD'.

Thomas the Tank Engine 2, also titled Thomas's Big Race, was an Amiga/Atari ST/MS-DOS game released in 1993 and the sequel to Thomas the Tank Engine. The aim of the game is to compete in and win races with Thomas and his friends.


"I'm a Really Useful Engine," said Thomas as he pulled into the sheds that morning.

"Oh yes," puffed Gordon. But I bet you're not as fast as me!"

The others overheard and laughed...

"Please stop arguing," the Fat Controller butted in.

Everyone went quiet...

"I know," continued the Fat Controller, "We'll soon find out who's the fastest of you all!"

"I will hold a racing competition and keep the times with my pocket watch."

"Then we'll know who's the best..."

Everybody cheered loudly and began revving their engines in readiness for the races...

© Britt Allcroft (Thomas) Limited 1993


The gameplay is to race against another player. There is an option to play either alone and race against the CPU, or to race against a friend.

Players can choose to play as either Thomas, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Bill, Ben or Bertie. There are four courses: Main Line, Postal Run, Waterway, or Wood Glade.



  • The front cover features a picture from the episode Thomas Gets Bumped.
  • Player 1's icon shows Thomas, while Player 2's icon shows Edward.
    • Also, during some parts of the music, Henry's whistle is heard, but he is not playable neither was he in the game.


  • Gordon and James are missing their tenders.
  • Toby is incorrectly depicted as an 0-4-0, and his funnel is at the back of his roof, instead of on the front, and also he has no bell.
  • Bill and Ben are missing their nameplates.
  • The Water Towers are incorrectly referred to as Water Pumps.