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This article is about the 1993 console game. You may be looking for the engine, the VHS, the Story Library book, the Railway Series book, the Railway Series compilation book, the magazine story or the 1984 handheld game.

Thomas the Tank Engine is a Sega Genesis video game developed by Malibu Interactive and published by THQ in 1993. Players can pick between five engines to play with: Thomas, James, Percy, Toby and Duck. They can also colour in the engines and give the engineer a name. The colour of the engineer in the colouring in effects the colour of his sprite in-game. It has three different skill levels for three levels; Game, Race and Explore. The game is narrated by American Software programmer Craig Ewert.



The original Thomas title music is played at the title screen. This game featured music from seasons 1, 2 and 3. Various sound effects include a whistle, puffing, breaking, different tones of a selection 'ding' and a 'fill' effect while colouring the engines.

Starting the Game

The player must pick an engine from Thomas, James, Percy, Toby or Duck. The player can start straight away with Thomas, or colour-in the engines. In the colouring-in, they can choose what colour their engineer's clothes are by colouring them in on the picture.

There is an opportunity to name the engineer after the player's own name, or pick from some of the names provided. Some of these include: Amy, Bill, Carlos, Dan, Elizabeth, Jasmine, Kevin, Laura, Maria, Sam and Tim.

You must also select a skill level of Easy, Medium or Hard.



To find the correct rolling stock and take them to the designated station. Once complete, the Fat Controller will make a comment on speed and memory, and a score will be tallied.

Rolling stock include mine trucks (Troublesome Trucks), log trucks, gravel trucks (also Troublesome Trucks), Annie or Clarabel and trucks having a shape of varying quantity or colour.

Stations include Cronk, Barrow, Crewe, Knapford, Dryaw, Maron, Elsbridge, Shiloh and Brendam.


To get to the finish line before the other engine reaches it, the player must keep up with his skills and speed.


The chance to explore the maps from 'Game' without a timer. Players can pick up loose wagons or coaches and take them anywhere.


  • Crewe, Shiloh and Barrow are depicted as stations on the North Western Railway, yet none of them are part of the Island.
  • In the front view shots of the engines, James, Percy and Duck have the same front view sprite as Thomas, but recoloured and with different faces.
  • James, Percy, Toby and Duck are missing their numbers.
  • Thomas has Edward's face.
  • James and Duck have Henry's faces.
  • When Duck and Annie are facing left, their sprites are mirrored, meaning Duck's "GWR" lettering and Annie's name are mirrored as well.
  • When Duck is going around bends, the side of his running board changes from black to red.
  • James is depicted with a 4-4-0 wheel arrangement, his tender has only four wheels, and his wheels are red.
  • On the "Pick an Engine" and "Coloring your Engine" screens, as well as the in-game sprites, all the engines have the same face.
  • Percy's colour-in picture shows him with a single coupling rod.


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