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This article is about 'the Kids Station game'. You may be looking for 'the engine, the baby, the VHS, the Story Library book, the Engine Adventures book, the Railway Series book, the Railway Series compilation book, the magazine story, the 1984 handheld game or the 1993 console game'.

Thomas the Tank Engine is a PlayStation game developed by Bandai. It was exclusively released in Japan in 2000.


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  • Thomas has Edward's whistle sound.
  • Gordon has Duck's whistle sound, while James, Donald and Douglas all use that same whistle sound, only at different pitches.
  • Sir Handel has Oliver's whistle sound.
  • Bill and Ben have George's whistle sound at different pitches.
  • James' wheels have been grey in every almost mini-game, they could however be coloured black in the colouring game.
  • Duck's handrails are yellow, when they should be grey.
  • In one minigame, Percy's funnel is put on the wrong spot. It is supposed to be on his smokebox, and not on the boiler.