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This article is about the 1990 console game. You may be looking for the engine, VHS, the Story Library book, the Railway Series book, the Railway Series compilation book, the magazine story, the 1992 console game, the 1984 handheld game or the 1993 console game.

Thomas the Tank Engine was the first of two Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends games produced for the Commodore 64 system. The aim of the game was to complete seven days of jobs. The game was released in 1990.



The are two modes. The harder of the two is "Normal". Several of the things that result in a negative effect include trees on the line, losing control if going at a high speed, and colliding with either Duck or Diesel.


The scoring system is as follows:

  • Passing through a frame: 5 points
  • Bouncing bonus': 200-800 points
  • Station bonus': 1000 points
  • Picking up the truck: 1000 points.

It is possible to trick the score system by repeatedly going back and forth between two frames and waiting for bouncing bonus'.


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