Thomas the Tank Engine: The New Collection is a compilation of Christopher Awdry's books of the Railway Series, barring Thomas and his Friends. It also contains a foreword by Christopher Awdry, a brief character guide, and a story of how Wilbert Awdry "discovered" Sodor.

List of stories

  • 29. Great Little Engines (1985)
    • Patience is a Virtue
    • Peter Sam and the Prickly Problem
    • Pop-Special
    • Sir Handel Comes Home
  • 36. Thomas Comes Home (1992)
    • Snow Problem
    • Washout
    • Toby's Megatrain
    • Thomas Comes Home
  • 40. New Little Engine (1996)
    • Speedkiller
    • Sir Handel's Plan
    • Dirty Water
    • I Name this Engine...


  • Some of the stories have been slightly rewritten.


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