This article is about the LeapPad book. You may be looking for 'the Random House book, the Story Library spin-off book or the Sodor Island Publishing book'.

Thomas the Really Useful Engine is a LeapPad book based on the book of the same name.


When a fierce storm rips through the Island of Sodor, Henry, James and Percy are sent off to fetch the timber and bricks to repair the station. When they do not return, Thomas sets out on his own to help. One by one, Thomas encounters the engines and helps them out. Happy about saving the day, Thomas is proud that he is a Really Useful Engine.


The Brick Yard Worker and the Stationmaster also speak.



  • Since this was made by LeapFrog, Thomas has James' television series whistle sound and the other engines have whistles that possibly sound like American Steam Engines.
  • Edward is described as a small engine, when he is bigger than Thomas and Percy.
  • James' wheels have been grey throughout the entire book.
  • If you pay attention to the Troublesome Trucks, you'll notice that the first and sixth trucks are full of bricks, the second and fifth trucks are full of timber, the third and fourth trucks are empty and the last truck is full of coal. This is misleading, because coal would be unnecessary for repairing anything, and the third and fourth trucks should've been filled with bricks or timber.