This article is about the Random House book. You may be looking for the LeapPad book, the song, the Story Library spin-off book or the Sodor Island Publishing book.

Thomas the Really Useful Engine is a book.


When a storm hits Sodor, some of the engines have to pick up supplies to fix the damaged buildings. But when the engines did not return, it was up to Thomas to find them so they could help clean up of the mess.




  • Edward is described as a small engine.
  • Tidmouth Sheds is illustrated at Dryaw at one point.
  • In one illustration, Henry is depicted as a 2-6-0.
  • In one illustration, Percy is missing a lamp iron.
  • The top of Percy's coal bunker is painted green.
  • Douglas' nameplate is white with red outlining and black lettering, and his boiler stripes and running broad are red.
  • In one illustration, Gordon is missing the red lining below the cab windows.
  • In one illustration, one of Henry's wheel arches is rectangular shaped.


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