“Tea-cakes and crumpets
And cups of hot tea...
There's so much in winter
That's special to me!”

Thomas in Wintertime is a rhyming magazine story.


One of the guards does not like wintertime. He says that his fingers are frozen, the ground is rock hard and the points get frozen which delays the trains. He also dislikes the way water tanks freeze, the engines' wheels get frozen, the footplates are slippery and the brakes start to squeak.

Thomas disagrees with the guard and points out all the things he loves about winter including the sparkling of the snow, frost and ice. He likes the fresh smell and the clear skies at night, too. He says it is nice to look forward to warm fires and toast which is what the people like most of all. For these reasons, wintertime is very special for Thomas.



  • In the illustration, Thomas does not appear to be on the rails.

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