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Thomas and the Umbrella

Thomas the Tank Engine
and Friends 66


April 28th, 1990

Thomas and the Umbrella is a magazine story.


The Fat Controller is going to give an important speech at the Town Hall. He has with him an umbrella which he explains was an anniversary present from his wife. The Fat Controller boards Thomas, who takes him to the station where he is to catch Bertie.

On the return journey, Thomas is surprised to see something lying on the bank at the side of the rails. It is the Fat Controller's precious umbrella. The driver applies the brakes and jumps down to collect the umbrella. Suddenly, Thomas spies something moving in the bushes. The driver goes to investigate and finds a large, scruffy, lost-looking dog. They decide to take him with them too.

At the next station, the Fat Controller is looking very cross. He explains that he had tripped whilst running to catch Bertie and dropped his umbrella. A dog then picked it up and ran off with it. The Fat Controller is very pleased when the driver hands back his umbrella. Then, the driver shows him the dog. They agree that they should take him to the dog's home until his owner can be found. Just then, raindrops plop onto the platform and the Fat Controller is very pleased to have his umbrella back!



  • In the line "It was given to me by my wife for our wedding anniversary", the word "our" is repeated twice.

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