This article is about 'the board book'. You may be looking for 'the episode, the Buzz Book, the 1987 magazine story, or the 1998 magazine story'.

Thomas and the Trucks is a board illustrated using photographs from the television series.


Thomas is bored with his job of shunting coaches and complains to the other engines about it night after night. The engines get incredibly annoyed, for they have to listen to Thomas' complaining all night long. One night, Edward comes to the shed and felt sorry for Thomas. He offers Thomas his train of trucks, while Edward would shunt coaches. With this, Thomas happily agrees.

The next morning, their drivers agree and Thomas set off happily for the yard. Troublesome Trucks are very silly and noisy, and often don't attend to what they are doing. They also often play tricks on engines who aren't used to them. Edward had warned Thomas to be careful before his journey, but in his excitement, Thomas didn't listen. Thomas soon starts to pull the train, but the trucks weren't ready. Despite their cries to stop, Thomas just storms out of the station stubbornly.

Thomas goes faster and faster along the journey, but as he went faster and faster, the trucks grow crosser and crosser. Thomas eventually slows down at Gordon's Hill, but as he applies his brakes at the top, the trucks begin to push Thomas down the hill. Thomas loses control of the trucks as they rush into Maron. He swerves into the goods yard and barely stops at some buffers, preventing an accident. The Fat Controller arrives and questions Thomas' speed. Thomas explains what had happened, and the Fat Controller advises Thomas that he should learn more about trucks if he is to become a Really Useful Engine.




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