"Engines aren't meant to go tobogganing!"
— Thomas

Thomas and the Toboggan! is a magazine story.


It was a cold winter's morning and Thomas awoke early. Outside, the yard was covered in snow and big icicles hung from the shed roof. Thomas felt much warmer when the fireman came to light his fire. Later, Thomas spied Bridget and Stephen playing snowballs in the snow. Thomas' driver warned them to be careful that they do not fall over on the ice. They reply by telling the driver that the ground is great for tobogganing. Thomas wondered what "tobogganing" was, but he did not have to wonder for long. Stephen and Bridget fetched a little wooden seat and slid down the hill on it. Thomas thought it looked great fun and wished he could try it for himself.

The Fat Controller then asked Thomas to collect some trucks from the harbour yard. Thomas secretly hoped that the rails would be slightly icy, so that he could slide like a toboggan. He puffed to the top of Gordon's Hill and rolled down the other side. His wheels started to slip on the icy rails. At first, Thomas thought it was fun, but soon got a shock when his brakes did not stop him.

A nearby signalman could see Thomas sliding out of control. He knew that the next signal was at "stop", so Thomas must not slide pass it until the line is clear. The signalman hurried outside and changed the points. Thomas slid down an old, disused siding until the track was blocked with snow. Thomas hit the snow and finally, he came to a stop. Now he realises that engines are not meant to go tobogganing.



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