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“The children and the engines all listened to the famous storyteller tell them the story of her wonderful adventures with Thomas and his friends on the magical Island of Sodor.”
―The narrator

Thomas and the Storyteller is the first (ninth in Australia) episode of the eleventh season.


A famous storyteller is coming to the island to open a new library. Thomas is chosen to show her around Sodor to give her inspiration for a story she will read at the opening. Thomas collects her from Brendam and decides to take her to Pirate's Cove, but sees James with a broken coupling and pulls him and his train to Maithwaite.

Thomas decides to take the storyteller to the ruined castle instead, but meets Emily, who has broken her whistle while taking some flour to the bakery and it is not safe to work without one. Thomas pulls Emily to the bakery and tells the storyteller that he will take her to Misty Valley so she can make a story about magic. But then, he sees Percy stranded in an overflowing river and Thomas pushes him out. Unfortunately, it is time for the opening and Thomas only manages to get there with seconds to spare. Luckily, the storyteller has an idea for a story: Thomas' adventures from the day.




  • This is Christopher Skala's first episode as executive producer.
  • This is the first episode filmed in high definition.
  • This could have been inspired by Thomas Helps Out.
  • Going by production order, this is the ninth episode of the eleventh season.
  • In some close-up shots of Thomas, the famous storyteller's large scale model has been digitally added onto his cab.
  • A transition was used when Thomas switched tracks to help James.


  • Thomas pushes Percy out of the water, but he later states that he pulled Percy out. Also, the roof of Thomas' cab wobbled when he was pushing Percy.
  • James, Emily, and Percy are at the grand opening, but since they broke down, they should be getting repaired.
  • In a close-up of Thomas, his lamp irons are crooked.
  • Before Thomas left the docks, his chuffing noise is heard even though he didn't move yet.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Norwegian Thomas og Historiefortelleren Thomas and the Storyteller
Finnish Thomas ja Tekijä Thomas and the Author
Japanese トーマスとしょうせつか Thomas and the Novel?
Danish Thomas og Historiefortælleren Thomas and the Storyteller
Spanish Thomas y La Cuentacuentos Thomas and the Storyteller
Dutch Thomas en de Verhalen Verteller Thomas and the Storyteller
German Thomas und die Geschichtenerzählerin Thomas and the Storyteller
Portuguese Thomas e a Contadora de Histórias Thomas and the Storyteller
Hungarian Thomas és a Mesemondó Thomas and the Storytelling
Romanian Thomas și Povestitoarea Thomas and the Storyteller
Swedish Thomas och Sagoberättaren Thomas and the Storyteller
Polish Tomek i Gawędziarka Thomas and the Storyteller
Czech Tomáš a Paní Spisovatelka Thomas and Ms. Writer
Slovak Thomas a Pani Spisovateľka Thomas and Ms. Writer
Korean 이야기를 들려주세요 Tell Your Story
Chinese 托马斯和故事家 Thomas and the Storyteller
Thai เรื่องเล่าของหัวรถจักรคันพิเศษ Narrative of Engine Special Units
Russian Томас и рассказчица Thomas and the Storyteller

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