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“That's not Thomas!"
"No, it's of all of us.”
―Gordon and Percy

Thomas and the Statue is the fifteenth episode of the ninth season.


A statue has been ordered to celebrate the Fat Controller's Railway and Thomas is sent to collect it from the Docks. At the Docks, Thomas is very eager to see the statue thinking that it might be of him as the statue's shape, outlined by the tarpaulin, is similar to his own. Cranky scoffs at Thomas for being vain. That night, Thomas cannot wait to tell his friends, but they are all fast asleep. So he wakes up Percy, who tells Thomas that having a statue of himself is nice.

The next morning, all of the engines are sent to have a washdown whilst Thomas collects other things for the statue ceremony. Thomas brags to Edward, and Emily, which makes them very cross. When he begins to tell Percy about it, Percy becomes fed up and tells him that he and the other engine do not want to hear about "his statue" or talk to him anymore. After his jobs, Thomas heads back to Tidmouth, determined to put things right with his friends.

However, the Fat Controller is there and is worried; the snow has blocked the tracks to Abbey where the statue ceremony is to take place. Thomas kindly offers to clear the tracks of the snow, despite hating his snowplough and the Fat Controller agrees. Thomas sets to work and feels bad about how egotistical he has been. Soon all of the tracks to Abbey are clear for the engines. However, they are still cross with Thomas.

Suddenly, the snow starts to melt off of the statue and to everyone's surprise, it is not a statue of just Thomas; it is a statue of the entire Steam Team with the Fat Controller. Even Thomas is relieved when he sees the true identity of the statue.




  • Going by production order, this is the twenty-fourth episode of the ninth season.


  • The slab Thomas collects points out at one end.
  • The Fat Controller announces that the statue is to be unveiled at Peel, but when the engines arrive to see the statue, they are at Abbey.
  • The narrator states that Thomas arrived at Wellsworth, but it was actually the Brendam Warehouse. Also, Michael Brandon forgets to say the "S" in the station's name.
  • In the US DVD, Engine Friends, the beginning uses footage from the start of Thomas and the New Engine.


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