This article is about the My First LeapPad book. You may be looking for 'the Random House book'.

Thomas and the School Trip is a My First LeapPad book based on the book of the same name.

Plot Edit

Thomas the Tank Engine is excited to see children at the train station for a school trip, Thomas makes it through his busy day in time to take the school kids home. Join Thomas as he races back to the station to get the children home on time.

Characters Edit

The children, Thomas' Driver, and the Small and Large Firemen also speak.

Trivia Edit


  • Because this is by LeapFrog, James, Percy, Henry and Edward have different whistles, Gordon has Rainbow Sun's whistle at a half step lower in pitch, and Thomas has James' television series whistle sound.
  • Henry and James are incorrectly described as branch line engines in the Branch Line Tasks game.
  • Thomas and Percy are incorrectly said to have tenders in the Train Yard Tune Up game.
  • In the Train Yard Tune Up game, the water tower is incorrectly referred to as a water tank.
  • In some pages of this book, the children swap voices.

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