This article is about the My First LeapPad book. You may be looking for the Random House book.

Thomas and the School Trip is a My First LeapPad book based on the book of the same name.


Thomas the Tank Engine is excited to see children at the train station for a school trip, Thomas makes it through his busy day in time to take the school kids home. Join Thomas as he races back to the station to get the children home on time.


The children, Thomas' Driver, and the Small and Large Firemen also speak.


  • The US version of the book is narrated by Robin Smith, while Michael Angelis narrates the UK version.
  • Original music from Mike O'Donnell and Junior Campbell can be heard in the book.
  • Instrumental songs of Toby, Really Useful Engine, Harold the Helicopter, and Thomas Anthem is heard, along with the Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends theme and music inspired by the show.
  • This is the first LeapFrog book where Bulstrode speaks.
  • In the Thomas Around the Playground page, when you touch the trucks again, they will tell jokes about their loads.
  • In the Henry's Forest Friends page, when the bear cave is touched, part of Brahms' Lullaby is played, indicating that the bear sleeps in a cave.


  • Because this is a LeapFrog game, all the steam engines have different whistle sounds and Thomas uses James' whistle sound.
  • Henry and James are incorrectly described as Branch Line Engines in the Branch Line Tasks game.
  • In the Train Yard Tune Up game, Thomas and Percy are said to have tenders.
  • In the Train Yard Tune Up game, the water tower is incorrectly refered to as a water tank.
  • In some pages of this book, the children swap voices.

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