This article is about the Random House book. You may be looking for 'the My First LeapPad book'.

Thomas and the School Trip is a Step Into Reading book.


Thomas wants to take the children on the school trip, but he has other work to do. Sir Topham Hatt has a plan; if Thomas hurries back, he might be able to take the children home. But on his way back, trouble strikes; some cows break through a fence. Once the line is clear, Thomas heads on and sees Bertie, who has broken down. Thomas stops and Bertie asks if he could take his passengers. Then Thomas sees it is the children. At the end everyone claps and cheers because Thomas brought the children home.



  • Clarabel is missing when Thomas stops for the farmer.
  • Bertie lacks eyebrows.
  • Henry's cab windows are not positioned properly on the front cover.