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"Oh no!"
— Arthur's horror at upsetting the fish
Thomas and the Runaway Car

Steve Asquith


Simon Spencer


Sharon Miller


Michael Angelis
Michael Brandon

Air date

September 11th,
2007 (UK)
November 3rd,
2007 (US)
July 29th,
2009 (JPN)
September 25th,
2011 (AUS)

Previous episode

Toby's Triumph

Next episode

Thomas in Trouble

Thomas and the Runaway Car is the seventeenth episode of the eleventh season.


Thomas has been given the important job of taking the Fat Controller's new car to the Sodor Show. Gordon has been given the job of taking the bandstand to the show and challenges Thomas to a race. Gordon manages to get a head start and Thomas impatiently tells Rocky to hurry up with loading the car onto the flatbed, but Rocky tells Thomas to wait because he needs to be careful. The car was finally placed on the flatbed, but Thomas started so quickly he did not wait for the Dock manager to couple him up to the flatbed. Rocky and the workmen tried to tell Thomas, but he was already gone, determined to beat Gordon.

When Thomas puffed to the top of Gordon's Hill, the flatbed rolled away from him and he chased after it. While Percy was waiting at a red signal, Arthur was pulling into a siding with heavy trucks of fish. Percy saw the runaway car coming and warned Arthur. Arthur biffed the buffers with fish flying in the air and splattering all over him. Up ahead mud was all over the track and Rosie had just left the washdown. She saw the runaway car and mud splattered all over her.

The flatbed then raced passed Gordon and went into a siding crashing into some buffers with the car then flying off and going into a haystack. When Thomas caught up he was shocked and Gordon chuffed to the show. Thomas realises that he lost the race and the Fat Controller's car would never get to the show. Thomas set off to the Docks to get Rocky, but he stopped knowing that he was not strong enough to pull Rocky on his own. When Gordon came back after delivering the bandstand, Thomas asked Gordon if he could fetch Rocky. Gordon was happy to help his friend and went to the Docks. After getting the car back on the flatbed, Thomas thanked Gordon by giving him the car to deliver and they arrived at the show together.




  • The "new" car model is actually the same old one.
  • The crowd scene from Toby's Triumph is reused only with the people changed around slightly.
  • This marks the only time Rosie had faces with an angry expression and shut eyes.


  • Gordon's buffer is crooked at the docks.
  • At the top of Gordon's Hill, the couplings clang and drop before the flatbed moves away; but it was said that the flatbed was not coupled up.
  • When the flatbed speeds past Arthur, he speeds up after his trucks to clear the points.
  • When the fish fly out of the trucks on to Arthur, he appears to have two fish stuck on his smokebox before the fish hit him.
  • When the flatbed passes Rosie it splashes mud all over her, but when Thomas runs by he does not.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Norwegian Thomas og biljakten Thomas and the Car Chase
Japanese トーマスとにげるくるま Thomas and the Runaway Car
Spanish Thomas y el Vagón Fugitivo Thomas and the Runaway Truck
Finnish Karannut auto Lost Car
German Thomas und der Ausreißer Thomas and the Runaway
Swedish Thomas och bilen som rymt Thomas and the Car that Escaped
Polish Tomek i Uciekający Samochód Thomas and the Runaway Car
Hungarian Thomas és a szökevény autó Thomas and the Runaway Car
Romanian Thomas și Mașina Fugară Thomas and the Runaway Car
Czech Tomáš a autíčko na útěku Thomas and the Toy Car on the Run
Portuguese Thomas e o vagão fugitivo Thomas and the Runaway Wagon
Slovak Thomas a autíčko na úteku Thomas and the Toy Car on the Run
Danish Thomas og den løsslupne bil Thomas and the Riotous Car
Chinese 托马斯和逃跑的汽车 Thomas and the Getaway Car
Thai รถคันใหม่ของผู้ควบคุมอ้วน The Vehicle's Control Obesity

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