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Thomas and the Pony Show is a mini book written by Christopher Awdry and illustrated by Ken Stott.


Thomas is waiting at the station. He sees Becky and her mother. They climb aboard, and off Thomas goes. Thomas knows Becky very well. He sees her riding her pony a lot. He puffs past the Farm she lives. Her horse's name is Barnaby. Thomas will not whistle around the farm as not to scare Barnaby. So one day Thomas notices workers in Fox's Field. They are setting up for a pony show. Thomas wants to see the pony show because Becky will be there riding Barnaby.

So when the day arrives Thomas hums as he runs down the track to the show, but as he comes around a curve, he sees a horse trailer stopped on the side of the road. Becky is standing beside the horse trailer looking worried. They had broken down, Thomas' driver feels sorry for Becky. So when Thomas reaches the next station he sees Sir Topham Hatt and a porter. So while Thomas waits the porter speaks to the guard and Percy arrives pushing a special freight car. He carefully couples it to Clarabel. The guard goes to tell Thomas' driver: "Becky was on her way to the Pony Show with Barnaby when her horse trailer broke down.

Sir Topham Hatt asks if Thomas will take Barnaby, Becky and her mother to the show. Her father will wait for the repair truck." So they load Barnaby into the truck and then Thomas takes off again. Thomas gets Becky to the show on time. Thomas watches before he leaves. Before he goes he wonders if Becky will win a prize and sure enough she does. She gives a yellow ribbon to Thomas, as Barnaby has a red one.



  • In Australia, it was released with an audio tape of the story narrated by Ron Haddrick.
  • The small version of this book does not feature Percy.


  • Annie is missing her face.
  • On the audiotape, Thomas blows a diesel horn.
  • All of the engines are missing their brake pipes throughout the book.

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