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"Mole hills! Hundreds of them! It looks like a giant currant bun, only green!"
— Buster
Thomas and the Moles

Steve Asquith


Phil Fehrle


Jan Needle


Michael Angelis (UK)
Michael Brandon (US)

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Thomas and the Moles is a Jack and the Sodor Construction Company episode, released on Thomas' Trusty Friends/On Site with Thomas.


Thomas and the Pack have been sent to the football field to clear debris from the car park after a bad storm, but there is no work for Buster and he feels left out. However, when the work is complete, Miss Jenny discovers mole hills on the field and sends Thomas to pick up Buster to flatten the mole hills.




  • A working title for this episode was "Buster 1 Moles 0", although that title is listed on Virgin TV Anytime's website.
  • Stock footage from Toby's Windmill is used.
  • In the UK version, Buster calls the football field a current bun while in the US version he calls it a chocolate chip cookie.
  • When Buster flattens the molehills, one of the shots is mirrored.


  • How did Thomas get back to the yards so quickly?
  • The title is misleading as the episode is mainly focused on Buster.
  • It seems illogical that there was no work for Buster anywhere on the Island.
  • Surely the football coach would have noticed the molehills earlier and told Miss Jenny about it.
  • The track near the football field should have had a buffer stop. Thomas could have come off the rails there.
  • How could the moles speak or wear hats, scarves, and glasses?


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