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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the Railway Series book, the other book, the Ladybird book or the DVD.
"Hush! I can hear something!"
"Probably the wind."
"No, listen!"
"Och! It's Thomas! Come on, the poor wee engine must be frozen to the frames in there!
— Donald and Douglas
Thomas and the
Missing Christmas Tree

David Mitton


David Mitton
Robert D. Cardona


Christopher Awdry
Britt Allcroft
David Mitton


Ringo Starr (UK/US)
George Carlin (US)

Air date

December 17th,
1986 (UK)
December 26th,
1988 (AUS)
October 1st,
1991 (JPN)
October 27th,
1992 (US)

Previous episode

Woolly Bear

Next episode

A Scarf for Percy

Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree is the twenty-sixth episode of the second season. In the US, this episode was first released on the VHS release of Shining Time Station's 1990 Christmas special 'Tis a Gift.


It is the twenty-third of December and the final preparations are being made for a carol party to be held at Tidmouth.

Thomas is sent to collect the Christmas tree, but on the way back runs into a snowdrift and is covered by an avalanche. The engines grow angry waiting for Thomas to return, but soon the word spreads and the engines feel sorry for him.

Donald and Douglas go to the rescue and save Thomas and the precious cargo. The tree arrives on time and everyone is delighted when Harold arrives with the guest of honour, Father Christmas.




  • This episode is based on the story of the same name, released alongside the series in 1986.
  • Father Christmas seems to be a dressed up model of the Fat Controller.
  • Stock footage from Thomas, Terence and the Snow is used, as is mirrored stock footage from Thomas' Train.
  • This is the last episode of the following:
  • This is the only Ringo Starr narrated episode to be released in the US without him formally re-recording certain lines. Thus, all lines mentioning the Fat Controller were simply omitted rather than changed to mention Sir Topham Hatt as had been done for Ringo's other US releases.
  • Deleted scenes show that Henry, Gordon and Duck may have been intended to play larger roles in this episode.
  • A deleted scene shows Thomas smiling when he is pulled out of the snow drift.
  • A deleted scene shows Thomas next to Henry and Gordon at Tidmouth instead of BoCo.
  • George Carlin's narration of this episode was never featured on an episode of Shining Time Station. It first appeared on Thomas' Christmas Party and Other Favorite Stories.


  • As Thomas crashes into the snow, he looks more annoyed than surprised.
  • When the engines whistle loudly, Henry and Gordon are smiling and Donald has Edward's cross face.
  • When the narrator says "Then they set off once more to finish their long journey", on the left side of the screen the space between the leaves and the tree is green.
  • In the aerial shot of the station when the lights come on, Bertie is stationary, at the back of the shot and missing a Christmas hat. Not long after there's a close-up of him with Trevor and Terence, now wearing a hat.
  • In the aerial shot of the station, Annie and Clarabel don't have hats on, but later gain them.
  • A wire was used to hold Harold when he lands.
  • BoCo's left eye is scratched.
  • When the narrator says "Everyone cheered and the party began", Thomas was now next to Harold instead of in front of the station. Then, at the end of the episode, he is in his original position again. Edward is also seen in the station instead of in front of the station and Henry, Gordon, and BoCo have disappeared.
  • Donald and Douglas' nameplates are missing in several scenes.
  • In the restored version, a camera tripod is seen when Donald and Douglas set off to find Thomas.
  • When the engines head to the Christmas party, Thomas' head lamp isn't on and the other engines are not wearing head lamps at all.
  • In the restored version, in the shot of Thomas and Percy towards the end, a blue light behind them was covered up. This is likely to be a crew member standing in the background.
  • Thomas' eyes are wonky throughout the episode.
  • In the shot of Bill and Ben with Diesel, Ben's nameplate was loose.
  • While the "'Tis a Gift" VHS features Ringo Starr's US narration with all lines mentioning the Fat Controller omitted, the footage remains unchanged.  As a result, some of the scenes of the Fat Controller appear to be longer than necessary, and one shot of him is shown with no accompanying dialogue.
  • In the overhead shot of the station, Terence's eyes are wonky.
  • When Sir Topham Hatt tells the engines they can go enjoy the carols, Donald and Douglas are missing their nameplates, Donald's left eyebrow (viewers perspective right) is missing, and Thomas' face was crooked.
  • In the overhead shot of the station, none of the trucks next to Annie and Clarabel have faces, but when we see the shot of Trevor, Terence, Bertie, Annie and Clarabel, a truck next to Annie gains a face.
  • When Donald and Douglas set off to rescue Thomas, the Fat Controller was standing by the track opposite them. In the next shot, the Fat Controller has already gotten back to his car on the other side of the turntable long before the twins run round it.
  • Thomas' face moves when he says "Happy Christmas, Percy".

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Thomas y el árbol de Navidad perdido Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree
Norwegian Thomas og det bortkomne juletreet Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree
Welsh Tomos a'r Goeden Nadolig Thomas and the Christmas Tree
Brazilian Portuguese Thomas e a Árvore de Natal Perdia Thomas and the Christmas Tree was Lost
Italian La Notte di Natale On Christmas Eve
German Der Fehlende Weihnachtsbaum The Missing Christmas Tree
Japanese きかんしゃたちのクリスマス・キャロル The Engine's Christmas Carol
Danish Thomas og det forsvundne juletræ Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree
Hungarian Az Eltűnt Karácsonyfa The Missing Christmas Tree
Dutch Thomas en de verdwenen Kerstboom Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree
Chinese 托马斯和失踪的圣诞树 Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree
Korean 크리스마스 파티 Christmas Party
Slovenian Tomaž in pogrešana Novoletna jelka Thomas and Missing Christmas Tree
Russian Томас и пропавшая ёлка Thomas and the Missing Tree
Ukrainian Томас і зникла ялинка Thomas and Disappeared Tree

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