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This article is about 'the story book'. You may be looking for 'the movie, the activity book, the sticker book, the Soundtrack or the Board game'.

Thomas and the Magic Railroad is a book based on the feature film of the same name.


Thomas makes a perilous trip to bring back Lady to restore the Magic Railroad.



  • In the book, an explosion causes Thomas to topple off of the cliff. This was to be part of the original film until P.T. Boomer was cut.
  • The book is based on the original script in seven ways:
    • Diesel 10 is a new engine on the Island of Sodor.
    • Mr. Conductor escapes Diesel 10 by cutting a wire instead of a hydraulic pipe.
    • Diesel 10 plans to destroy all of the buffers on Sodor to find the magic ones.
    • Thomas is seen going through another part of the magic railroad.
    • Diesel 10 is eavesdropping on Mr. Conductor as he sleeps.
    • Diesel 10 refers his grabber as his "claw", instead of "Pinchy".
    • It is mentioned that the trains did not stop on Burnett's side of the mountain.


  • The buffers are illustrated to look like crossing gates.
  • In the twenty-fifth illustration, Thomas' funnel is too far back and Lady's appears to be missing.
  • Gordon's funnel is taller than usual in the first illustration.
  • Lady is missing her crossheads.
  • During one of "the chase" illustrations, Thomas is not between Lady and Diesel 10, despite the text saying so.
  • In the first illustration, Gordon is missing his brake pipe and lamp irons.
  • In one illustration, James has grey wheels.