This article is about 'the activity book'. You may be looking for 'the movie, the sticker book, the story book, the Board Game or the Soundtrack'.

Thomas and the Magic Railroad is an activity book published by Random House. It is based on the film of the same name.



  • This book was published before any changes were made in the script, which is why P.T. Boomer is seen in this book.
  • This book follows the original script in several ways:
    • Mr. Conductor is seen meeting the engines at Tidmouth Sheds.
    • Thomas' funnel is not working because of Diesel 10.
    • Burnett Stone is seen arguing with P.T. Boomer outside his house.
    • Patch gets the coal truck for Lady inside the Magic Railroad with his horse.
    • Lily is seen packing in her house to go visit Burnett Stone.
  • Rainbow Sun is illustrated as an E2 class tank engine like Thomas, and has the number 90.
    • Coincidentally, the Strasburg Railroad, the place where the live action scenes were filmed, has a 2-10-0 engine with said number.
  • Burnett Stone is illustrated with a moustache.


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