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This article is about the book. You may be looking for the episode, the DVD or the other DVD.

Thomas and the Jet Plane is a interactive Play-a-Sound book and it's based on tenth season episode.


Sir Topham Hatt tells Thomas that he has to pick up a group of children from the airport and take them to for a party picnic. When Thomas arrives there, he meets a jet plane named Jeremy, and tells Thomas how wonderful it is to fly around. This made Thomas a bit jealous.

Along the way, Thomas had to wait for a signal, then a farmer had to move his cow off the line, then for Henry to pass with his train, and a bridge that was under repair. At the picnic, Thomas tells Percy that he wishes that he was a jet plane so he wound't have to wait for traffic. But Percy tells him that he's fine as he is.

After that, Thomas has to do his next, and goes pass the airport to see Jeremy. He tells him that a storm is coming over where Sir Topham Hatt's picnic is, but there no place to land. Thomas decides to race over back to the party, and pick up all of his passengers. Then he had an idea to take the party to the airport at Jeremy's hanger. Everyone had a great time and Sir Topham tells Thomas and Jerermy that they're all Really Useful.



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