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This article is about the DVD. You may be looking for the episode or the book.

Thomas and the Jet Plane is a Scandinavian/Finnish/Dutch DVD featuring episodes from the ninth and tenth seasons episodes. It was renamed Thomas and the Airplane for the Danish release, Thomas and the Plane for the Finnish release and Thomas and the Jet for the Dutch release.



Here you meet Thomas the Tank Engine and all his friends again! This time Thomas must collect some children at the airport, who have been on a school trip. There he meets Jeremy the Jet Plane who loves to fly. Join Thomas on new adventures on the Island of Sodor.



  1. Thomas and the Jet Plane
  2. A Useful Engine
  3. The Flour that Disappeared
  4. Sticky Thomas
  5. Duncan and the Bell
  6. So Much to See
  7. Thomas and the Shooting Star


  1. Thomas and the Airplane
  2. A Shaky Experience
  3. Follow the Flour
  4. Sticky Caramel
  5. Duncan Drops a Clanger
  6. Sodor's Sights
  7. Thomas and the Shooting Star


  1. Thomas and the Plane
  2. A Smooth Stream of the Costs
  3. Scandal Flour
  4. Sticky Masquerade
  5. Duncan Drives the Clock
  6. Sodor Places Close By
  7. Thomas and the Shooting Star


  1. Thomas and the Jet Plane
  2. A Smooth Trip
  3. The Flour Trail
  4. Thomas, Sweet as Caramel
  5. A Bell Clean Miss
  6. All Fine Places
  7. Thomas and the Shooting Star


  1. Thomas and the Jet
  2. A Smooth Ride
  3. On Thin Ice
  4. Thomas and the Statue
  5. Skarloey the Brave
  6. Thomas and the Golden Eagle


  • On the Norwegian DVD, A Smooth Ride is renamed "A Useful Engine", Follow that Flour is renamed "The Flour that Disappeared", Sticky Toffee Thomas is renamed "Sticky Thomas", Duncan Drops a Clanger is renamed "Duncan and the Bell", and Seeing the Sights is renamed "So Much to See".


  • Michael Angelis is credited in the opening of the Norwegian DVD.
  • The Norwegian DVD's spine features a photo from the prototype cover.

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