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This article is about the Australian DVD. You may be looking for the episode, the Step Into Reading book, the German book, the promotional DVD, US DVD or the Egmont book.

Thomas and the Jet Engine is an Australian VHS/DVD release, featuring eight sixth season episodes. The DVD has an additional sixth season episode as well as three songs.


It's a peep peep and a chuff chuff for all the Thomas the Tank Engine fans with eight (nine for the DVD release) exciting all NEW adventures to enjoy!


  1. Thomas the Jet Engine
  2. Percy's Chocolate Crunch
  3. No Sleep for Cranky
  4. Harvey to the Rescue
  5. A Bad Day for Harold the Helicopter
  6. Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry
  7. Jack Jumps In (DVD only)
  8. A Friend in Need
  9. The World's Strongest Engine


  1. Thomas' Anthem (DVD only)
  2. Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover (DVD only)
  3. Come for the Ride (DVD only)


  • Some copies of the DVD came with Surprise Adventures.
  • This was Australia's first DVD release. 


  • The front cover features a picture from It's Only Snow, but that episode is not featured on this release.
  • On the back cover, the episodes are mistakenly credited as been made in 1998.
  • Jack is mistakenly called "Jake" on the back cover.
  • Jack Jumps In is called "Jack Goes To Work" on the back cover.
  • On the song menu, Come for the Ride is mistitled Rockin' on The Railway.


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