Thomas and the Giant Jelly is a printable book from the Fisher-Price website. A paperback version was included in the UK Spills and Thrills release, along with The Honey Bee Express and Too Many Trucks.


Thomas is told to deliver a giant jelly to Ulfstead Castle, but after Connor and Caitlin compliment him for it, he decides to show his friends. While showing the people at Knapford, Stephen informs him that he is running late. Rushing towards the castle, Connor and Caitlin decide to race him. As they grow nearer to the Earl, Connor stops, Caitlin stops and Thomas stops, but the jelly does not and spills all over the Earl. Instead of being cross, the Earl is pleased that the jelly arrived, much to Thomas' happiness and relief.




  • Thomas is said to be pushing the trucks of jelly, but the images show him pulling them.
  • In one image, the trucks of jelly are not behind Thomas.
  • Stephen is said to be at Knapford Station, when he is actually at Ulfstead Castle.
  • Despite saying the Earl did not mind the jelly getting on him, he looks angry in the actual illustration.


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