“It's lovely to have the church bells back again!"
"Thanks to you, Thomas!”
―Thomas and Trevor

Thomas and the Church Bells! is a magazine story.


As Thomas puffs along his branch line, he very often hears the bells in the old church ringing. One day, as he passes the church, he notices scaffolding around the tower and men working. Thomas realises that he has not heard the bells for quite some time. As Thomas passes the Vicarage Orchard, Thomas tells Trevor that he has not heard the bells for a while. Trevor explains that the bells cannot be used any more as they are too old and the largest one is cracked. Thomas is upset about the church bells, but tries not to think about it.

Then, one day, the Fat Controller gives Thomas a very special job. He tells Thomas to go to the Island of Sodor Foundry to pick something up. He will not tell Thomas what the load is as it will spoil the surprise. Thomas collects some trucks and soon arrives at the foundry. He spots six mysterious shapes hidden by canvas sheets. As the sheets are removed, ready for them to be loaded, Thomas sees that they are new church bells. No engine could have been more excited than Thomas as he puffed away from the foundry.

Soon after the bells are delivered, they are ready to ring. The vicar is delighted to have his bells back and so many people wanted to hear them, the Fat Controller has to run more trains. Thomas does not mind at all; he could never get tired of hearing the bells.



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