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"It's meeeeeee!"
— Rosie

Thomas and the Birthday Mail is the twenty-third episode of the tenth season.


Thomas wants to deliver birthday presents to Alice, a young girl living at Hill Farm, and despite warnings of bad weather from Harold, he sets off to avoid an annoying new tank engine called Rosie. Thomas takes a difficult route that Rosie is unable to stand, but when he encounters a landslide, he recklessly tries to push through and slips. Rosie, luckily, has managed to catch up to him and takes Thomas' trucks to Hill Farm, and to cheer Thomas up, she brings Alice down to visit him.




  • Henry has Gordon's whistle sound at the beginning.
  • At two points, the truck and the mail coach in Thomas' train switch positions.
  • A screw can be seen under the bogie on Thomas' flatbed.
  • When Rosie buffers up to Thomas' train, the flatbed's chassis loosely jumps briefly.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Thomas y los Regalos de Cumpleaños Thomas and the Birthday Gifts
Norwegian Thomas og presangene Thomas and the Presents
Japanese トーマスとたんじょうびのはいたつ Thomas and the Birthday Delivery
Polish Tomek i Urodzinowa Przesyłka Thomas and the Birthday Delivery
Hungarian A születésnapi küldemény The Birthday Post
Danish Thomas og Fødselsdagsgaverne Thomas and the Birthday Gifts
Finnish Syntymäpäivä Posti The Birthday Post
Italian Thomas e la Consegna di Compleanno Thomas and the Birthday Delivery
Portuguese Thomas e os presentes de aniversário Thomas and the Birthday Gifts
Russian Томас и поздравление с днем рождения Thomas and the Birthday Greetings
Romanian Thomas și Trenul Poștal cu Cadouri Thomas and the Train Station with Gifts
German Thomas und die Geburtstagsgeschenke Thomas and the Birthday Gifts
Slovak Thomas a narodeninová správa Thomas and the Birthday Message
Croatian Tomica i rođendanska pošta Thomas and the Birthday Mail
Chinese 托马斯和生日邮件 Thomas and the Birthday Messages
Thai โธมัสกับของขวัญวันเกิด Thomas with Birthday Gifts
Swedish Thomas och presenterna Thomas and the Presents

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