This article is about the magazine story. You may be looking for the episode.
"You are a very funny engine!"
— the Thin Controller

Thomas and the Big Bang is a magazine story, illustrated using photographs from the television series.


Thomas had been fitted with a brand new whistle and sets off for work at the Wharf. He had to fill his trucks with bricks, flour, and timber as quickly as possible. To show off his new whistle, Thomas blew it loudly. It made Rheneas jump and he jerked backwards into his trucks, spilling their loads. Both the engines laughed and Thomas wanted to play more jokes.

Later, Rusty came into the Wharf with his trucks of bricks. Thomas crept up behind and tooted his whistle. Rusty jumped and biffed into the bricks - sending brick dust everywhere. Thomas, Rheneas, and even Rusty laugh and they all set off together to play more jokes on unsuspecting engines. Next, it was Sir Handel's turn to get a fright. He was pulling trucks of flour when Thomas blew his whistle. Sir Handel hit his trucks and become covered in flour. Everyone was having fun, but no work was being done.

Later still, Thomas and the little engines were hiding as Peter Sam trundled into the Wharf pushing logs. Thomas blew his whistle and Peter Sam shot forwards and his load of logs end up in the canal! The Thin Controller was very cross and ordered Thomas to put everything right. Soon, Thomas had his train of bricks, flour, and timber. Soon, the Thin Controller returned, he could see Thomas, but not his trucks until Thomas puffed forward revealing his train. He had hidden the trucks as a joke. This time, even the Thin Controller laughs and declares that Thomas is a very funny engine.




  • Peter Sam is wearing Duncan's happy face mask in the final picture.


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