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Thomas and the Big, Big Bridge
Illustrated by

Tom LaPadula
Paul Lopez


February 27, 2001-


Jellybean Books
Golden Books

Thomas and the Big, Big Bridge is a book.


Sir Topham Hatt was going to open the new line going to the mountains. The bridge was so high that it reached the clouds. Henry was afraid of the wind because he thought it might derail him. Thomas tries to comfort him without success. On the big day Gordon, Henry, and Thomas were ready to make their journey to the mountains with some tourists. Gordon was the lead, Henry in the middle, and Thomas, last with Annie and Clarabel. When Henry got to the foot of the mountain, he started to back down, but, Thomas pushed him up the mountains. They got to the side of the mountain and Henry was starting to be scared again because the line was too steep. Gordon had already gone through the fog and far away leaving Henry and Thomas. At last they made it to the bridge. Thomas told Henry that he would go first but suddenly a strong wind blew, and Thomas derailed over the side of the bridge. Soon Gordon was back, he saw Thomas and called to Henry to help. Soon Thomas heard a buzzing noise. It was Harold, and he helped lift Thomas back onto the rails. Soon Thomas was back and called to Henry that the bridge was safe and both engines crossed and made it to the station.



  • No one was shown tying Thomas to the rope.
  • In real life, Gordon could not turn around so fast.
  • In one illustration, Henry's tender wheels are missing.
  • James' splasher is not coloured red.
  • Percy's tail lamp is black.
  • Thomas' side rods are black in one illustration.
  • Harold's name is missing in one illustration.
  • Clarabel seems to be uncoupled from Thomas in one illustration.
  • When Thomas and Henry get to the bridge, Henry is pulling orange coaches, not express coaches.
  • Thomas' yellow lining is sometimes not coloured in.
  • The bolts on Thomas' middle wheel rods are sometimes missing.
  • When Thomas and Henry get to the bridge, Henry's tender is missing.
  • In one illustration, Henry's boiler is too short.


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