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Thomas and the Best-Kept Station Competition (also titled Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends) is an audio book released on cassette in 1993 by EMI in the UK and later rereleased on CD and cassette in 1996 by ABC Music and EMI in Australia. In 1994 the Japanese version was released by NHK ENTERPRISES. It features nine songs, with narration by Michael Angelis. It was written by Helen Knowles.


Thomas is chosen to take the Fat Controller to each station on Sodor for the best-kept station competition, along the way he must deliver a plough to Terence and invite Toby. In the end, the Fat Controller decides to award a certificate to all of the stations.




  • The title "Thomas and the Best-Kept Station Competition" was given as the unofficial title to distinguish the release as the original title is simply "Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends"; it comes from one of the first lines spoken in the story.
  • The image on the back cover of the Australian CD is from Whistles and Sneezes.
  • This is the only time until the nineteenth season episode, Wild Water Rescue that Elsbridge is referred to by name.
  • This is Farmer Finney's first speaking role in the franchise, although he remains nameless.
  • All the songs featured in this story are differently mixed than the versions found on music videos or other CDs. These differences include more pronounced vocals and differently mixed instruments. This is most noticeable in Thomas' Anthem and Really Useful Engine.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese きかんしゃトーマス オリジナル・サウンドトラック Thomas the Tank Engine Original Soundtrack


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