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Thomas and Skarloey's Big Day Out is the twenty-eighth episode of the tenth season.


It's summertime on the Island of Sodor and Thomas enjoys taking visitors to the seaside everyday. One day, Sir Topham Hatt gives Thomas a special to deliver steel pipes to the wharf and Thomas was delighted as he would see many sights along the way such as the Castle, Shen Valley and Gordon's Hill.

When Thomas arrived at the wharf, he saw Skarloey looking very sad because he had broken down and there's no one to take him to the repair yard. Thomas volunteers to take him across Sodor to the repair yards. Mr. Percival agreed but warns Thomas that Skarloey is heavy and must go straight to the repair yards. He also warned Thomas to be careful because the coupling on the flatbed is old. Skarloey was still sad when he was loaded onto the flatbed, so Thomas decides to make Skarloey's trip exciting by showing him several sights Skarloey has never seen before.

Thomas went on a different track away from the repair yard to show Skarloey the sights. He showed him The Scottish Castle and Shen Valley, but Skarloey said their railway has places like that and didn't cheered up. Thomas took him to Gordon's Hill struggling to pull Skarloey and he made it to the top, but the old coupling broke and Skarloey rolls back down the hill and derailed in a siding crashing into the buffers. Thomas puffed back to Skarloey realising his mistake. Thomas was coupled back to Skarloey and headed straight to the repair yard.

When Thomas stopped at a signal near the seaside, Skarloey was amazed by the view of the beach and said he'd had never seen anything like the seaside. Thomas was surprised and happy to hear this and said he sees the beach everyday. Thomas took Skarloey to the repair yard and waited for Skarloey to get mended. Skarloey was soon fixed and the two engine had one more view of the seaside. Skarloey declared it the best day out ever and Thomas was happy to see his friend happy.




  • This is the last episode to air only in standard definition.
  • This is Jocelyn Stevenson's last episode as executive producer as well as the last episode narrated by Alexei Borzunov in Russia.
  • Stock footage from Percy and the Oil Painting and Seeing the Sights is used.
  • Skarloey's small scale model was used again for the first time since the fifth season. The small scale model was used in the long shots when he and Thomas passed by each place and in the scene when they arrived at the workshops.
  • For unknown reasons, in the Latin American version all the scenes of Thomas going up Gordon's Hill and Skarloey's crash were omitted.


  • When Thomas stops beside Rocky, the puffing sound continues for a couple seconds after Thomas actually stops.
  • In one of the close-ups of Skarloey on the flatbed, Thomas does not have any coal.
  • When Thomas brings Skarloey to the Scottish Castle, a wall can be seen next to Skarloey's flatbed. But in Skarloey's close-up, the wall cannot be seen. This is because everything is put to larger scale so Skarloey's newer model and faces can be used and because there was no large scale Scottish Castle route made, the wall was replaced by piles of slates and clumps of moss beside the line.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Norwegian Den store rundturen The Big Day Out
Danish Thomas og Skarloey største Udflugt Thomas and Skarloey's Largest Excursion
German Skarloeys großer Ausflug Skarloey's Great Trip
Spanish Thomas y el Gran Día Libre de Skarloey / El Gran Día de Thomas y Skarloey Thomas and the Great Free Day of Skarloey / The Great Day of Thomas and Skarloey
Finnish Santerin hieno päivä Skarloey's Nice Day
Japanese トーマスとスカーロイのえんそく Thomas and Skarloey's Excursion
Swedish Den stora dagen The Big Day
Polish Wycieczka Tomka i Sławka Thomas and Skarloey's Trip
Dutch Thomas en Skarloey samen op pad Thomas and Skarloey On the Road Together
Italian Thomas e Skarloey in Gita Thomas and Skarloey on Trip
Portuguese Thomas e o Grande dia Livre de Skarloey Thomas and the Great Free Day, Skarloey
Hungarian Thomas és Skarloey Kirándul Thomas and Skarloey's Trip
Russian Увлекательная поездка Томаса и Скарлуи Thomas and Skarloey's Fascinating Journey
Romanian Thomas și Aventura lui Skarloey Thomas and Skarloey's Adventure
Slovak Thomas a Skarleyovo veľký deň von Thomas and Skarloey's Big Day Out
Chinese 托马斯和史卡洛放大假 Thomas and Skarloey's Big Day Out
Thai วันพักผ่อนของโธมัสและสกาโลอี้ Thomas and Skarloey's Book
Croatian Tomica i Vinko se provode Thomas and Skarloey Carried Out

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