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Thomas and Friends - Vol. 1 is a US iTunes exclusive released in 2008. It features seventeen first season episodes, seven second season episodes, one third season episode narrated by George Carlin, and three seventh season episodes narrated by Michael Brandon. It was removed from iTunes' US store after 2009 for unknown reasons.


  1. Trouble for Thomas/Toby the Tram Engine/Terence the Tractor/James Learns a Lesson
  2. Thomas Saves the Day/Thomas Gets Tricked/James in a Mess/Percy's Ghostly Trick
  3. Thomas Breaks the Rules/Come Out, Henry!/A Proud Day for James/A New Friend for Thomas
  4. Thomas and the Conductor/Henry's Special Coal/Gordon Takes a Dip/A Big Day for Thomas
  5. Percy Proves a Point/Thomas and Bertie's Great Race/Foolish Freight Cars/Diesel's Devious Deed
  6. A Cow on the Line/Not So Hasty Puddings/The Refreshment Lady's Stand/Edward Helps Out
  7. Thomas, Percy and the Mail Train/Hooray for Thomas/Double Trouble/Donald and Douglas


  • Each episode had four stories when purchased individually.
  • The title card for Thomas and Bertie's Great Race had the Times New Roman type font.


  • The audio in Trouble for Thomas is out of sync.
  • In the description for Thomas Breaks the Rules, Ringo Starr is credited as a narrator, but he does not narrate any of the episodes on the release.
  • Not So Hasty Puddings is given its UK title.

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