This article is about 'the magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the German book'.
“I'm sorry, Emily. You only wanted to keep me safe."
"I'm sorry, too. Sorry you didn't listen to me!”
―Thomas and Emily[src]

Thomas and Emily is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the television series.


One winter's day, Thomas is puffing merrily along with his coaches, Annie and Clarabel. He thinks he is doing a good job, but Emily has other ideas. She thinks Thomas is going too fast and she orders him to slow down. Later, Emily sees Thomas talking to some children. She tells Thomas that he will be late if he continues talking. Thomas is determined to take no notice of Emily in the future. The next day, after Thomas has left for work, the Fat Controller comes to the shed and tells all the engines to have snowploughs fitted immediately. He then sends Emily to go and tell Thomas to get a snowplough fitted. Emily soon finds Thomas, but he ignores her and speeds away. Soon, big flakes of snow begin fall and the driver decides that they cannot carry on, so they slide to a stop. Snow soon piles up around Thomas and he is delighted to hear an engine coming to his rescue; but he is not so delighted when the engine turns out to be Emily. Back at the yard, the Fat Controller tells Thomas to listen to others in the future. Thomas then apologises to Emily. Emily is also sorry only because Thomas didn't listen to her!