This article is about the 1998 magazine story. You may be looking for the UK DVD, the Japanese DVD, the Buzz Book, the board book, the episode, the 1988 magazine story, the My First Thomas book or the Engine Adventures book.
"That was fun. But to beat you over that hill I should have to grow wings and be an aeroplane!"
— Bertie

Thomas and Bertie! is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the television series.


One day, Thomas was waiting at a junction when a bus named Bertie rolled into the yard. The pair get into an argument about who is faster and decide to stage a race. Thomas took a while to build up speed, so Bertie went a long way ahead. Thomas did not mind, he remembered the level crossing where he overtakes the bus.

It is not long before Thomas has to stop at a station. Everyone got out quickly and Thomas set off once again. At the next station, Thomas heard Bertie tooting at him before the bus raced away. Thomas was sure he had lost, but he felt better after a drink. Soon, Thomas rumbled over the bridge and spotted Bertie waiting at a traffic light. When the light turned green, Bertie started with a roar. But Thomas was now at full speed and Bertie fell behind.

Annie and Clarabel shout out as they whoosh into the last station. Everybody cheered for Thomas and they gave Bertie a big welcome too. Now Thomas and Bertie are great friends.



  • This story is based on the first season episode of the same name.
  • At the end of the story, readers are given a chance to win an ERTL Bertie.


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