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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the DVD.
"Be careful with that tall boat! It's a very blustery day!"
— Elizabeth
Thomas Sets Sail

Steve Asquith


Simon Spencer


Sharon Miller


Michael Angelis (UK)
Michael Brandon (US)

Air date

September 8th, 2007

Previous episode

Smoke and Mirrors

Next episode

Don't be Silly, Billy

Thomas Sets Sail is the twelfth episode of the eleventh season.


Thomas is carrying the Mayor of Sodor's yacht to the harbour, but goes before the sail can be properly tied down. When Thomas goes through some trees the sail unravels and the wind goes up, blowing Thomas down the track and past the harbour. Thomas realises his mistake and collects an engineer from the harbour to secure the mast again.




  • In several shots of Thomas being carried by the wind, the footage is sped up.
  • In Norway the episode's name is "Thomas Gets Wind in the Sails". In Finland it is called "Full Sail". In Denmark it is titled "Thomas at Sea". The Japanese title is "Thomas and the Yacht".
  • This episode marks Molly's last speaking role to date.


  • A brakevan should have been added to Thomas and Percy's trains.
  • Elizabeth has Bertie's horn sound.
  • Thomas' driver should have known to not let Thomas go so fast.
  • The mast should have already been down before it even left the dock it came from; leaving it up just makes it harder to manuver and the odds of it breaking it increases.
  • Why would Thomas' driver let him leave without the mast being lowered?


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