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This article is about 'the episode'. You may be looking for 'the Arabic DVD or the Norwegian DVD'.
“Be careful with that tall boat! It's a very blustery day!”

Thomas Sets Sail is the twelfth episode of the eleventh season.


It was a windy day on the Island of Sodor and Thomas is to deliver the Mayor of Sodor's yacht from the docks to the harbour. Cranky told Thomas that he must wait for an engineer to put the ships tall mast down, but Thomas is too impatient to wait and left.

Thomas races past Elizabeth who told him to be careful with the yacht, but Thomas feels too important to take any notice of her. Thomas approaches a bridge, but Rosie stopped Thomas from going under it as the mast was too tall, so Thomas went back to take another way. But on the way, the mast was caught by some trees and got stuck, so Thomas pulled as hard as he could and broke free, but did not know that the ropes tied to the sail had come loose and the wind pushed the sail which made Thomas go very fast. Molly saw Thomas and tried to tell him about the sail, but Thomas was going so fast that he did not hear her.

Thomas was approaching the harbour, but could not stop and raced pass The Mayor, Sir Topham and Lady Hatt. Finally, the wind stopped and Thomas stopped. Thomas realises his mistake and collects an engineer from the harbour. The engineer puts the mast down and Thomas arrives back at the harbour and the yacht is able to be unloaded and launched. Sir Topham Hatt told Thomas that he sees that he decided that full steam is better than full sail and Thomas agreed.




  • In several shots of Thomas being carried by the wind, the footage is sped up.
  • Going by production order, this is the third episode of the eleventh season.
  • This episode marks the last of two things:
  • This episode was shown in select US cinemas as part of Thomas and Friends on the Big Screen.


  • When Thomas arrives at the docks, his wellwagon is tilted.
  • Elizabeth has Bertie's horn sound.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Chinese 托马斯启航
Czech S větrem v zádech
Danish Thomas til søs
Finnish Täysin purjein
German Thomas setzt die Segel
Hungarian Thomas vitorlát bont
Japanese トーマスとヨット
Norwegian Thomas får vind i seilene
Polish Rejs Tomka
Portuguese Thomas Levanta a Vela
Romanian Thomas Ridică Pânzele
Russian Томас поднимает паруса
Slovak Z vetrom v nohách
Spanish Thomas Zarpa
Swedish Thomas sätter segel
Thai โธมัสถลาลม

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